New name for High Point show

The changes keep on coming in High Point. Most notably, the market has officially changed its name, shortening the bulking International Home Furnishings Market to simply the High Point Market and its official sponsoring body is now called the High Point Market Authority.

“In re–evaluating the market’s brand, we have been faced with two challenges: The first, and most critical, is the official name, which we found few industry executives actually using. Both in this country and beyond, people refer to our biannual event as ‘High Point,’ or ‘High Point Market,’ just as they say, ‘Cologne,’ ‘Shanghai,’ ‘Paris,’ ‘New York,’ and so on,” said Brian Casey, market authority president.

At the same time, the market authority has created a new logo, featuring a multibranched tree that will change colors for the fall and spring markets. The image of the tree speaks to the High Point Market’s early history and the case goods makers who essentially planted the seed for the market years ago, Casey said.

’’From these great roots we have grown to encompass all the branches or categories of the home furnishings industry,’’ Casey said. ’’And, like the market itself, our tree is a living, growing organism encompassing many, many parts.”

Casey added: ’’High Point Market is really all about people, and you can see them represented in the trunk of our tree. Given that the market authority’s mandate is to uphold, encourage and support the growth of the High Point Market, we believe this symbol ideally represents the authority, as well.’’

The market also has made progress on simplifying the entry system to the myriad buildings that make up the show. A pass will be introduced at this fall’s market that will allow entry to all showroom buildings. The market runs Oct. 16–22.

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