Opinion Research USA says disorganized meetings are big frustration

Disorganization is the greatest frustration for workers attending business meetings, according to a survey by market research firm Opinion Research USA.

“Structured business meetings with a closely followed agenda are often the most productive, particularly when attention spans can be short,” said Jeff Resnick, Opinion Research USA president.

While cell phone interruptions rank high on the list of business meeting annoyances (16%), BlackBerry use is seen as less intrusive, with only 5% of respondents frustrated by participants checking emails or surfing the Internet during a business meeting.

Consider the survey’s top 10 list of frustrations when planning your own meetings:

  1. Disorganized, rambling meetings 27%
  2. People who interrupt peers and try to dominate the meeting 17%
  3. Cell phone interruptions 16%
  4. People who fall asleep in meetings 9%
  5. Meetings with no bathroom breaks 8%
  6. Long meetings without refreshments 6%
  7. People leaving early or arriving late 5%
  8. People who check their BlackBerries during meetings 5%
  9. Meetings that start late 4%
  10. No written recap of the meeting outcomes 4%

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