Mattress industry suppliers tout new products, services

Industry suppliers are offering innovations in categories from FR solutions to machinery.

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A. Lava & Son Co.

The company offers its new Stocked Response Kit Line for 2007, featuring inherent FR fiber. “Our kits include optional universal borders to lessen your cost and ease your recordkeeping. As always, we will stock our kits and ship them quickly,” the company says. A. Lava & Son Co. can accommodate special sizes and contract orders.
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DuPont is offering a range of fire–resistant materials to help mattress manufacturers meet the performance requirements of the federal open–flame standard, 16 CRF Part 1633. New products include DuPont Fire Resistant yarn for use in thread, which provides improved yield performance, and DuPont Fire Resistant Knit Material, a soft, stretchy material that is for use with foam bedding. The DuPont FR portfolio includes Kevlar thread, barriers and filler cloths.
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Atlanta Attachment

Atlanta Attachment introduces the Model 1379 specialty cloth cutter. “The new machine is an economical, CNC laser cutter for radius corners, allowing unlimited programming including notching or size coding of panels,” the company says. “The cutting patterns can be easily generated using AutoCAD or other software capable of outputting DXF file format.” The machine is controlled by a standard PC running Windows XP. The maximum cut pattern size is 90 inches by 90 inches. The company says it provides all required installation, training and support.
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Edge-Sweets Co. (ESCO)

Edge–Sweets Co. (ESCO) unveils its new heavy–duty convoluter, Model HD–C, for the bedding and packaging industries. With 8–inch rollers, the HD–C is designed to convolute standard polyurethane foam up to 12 inches thick. Latex and visco–elastic foams up to 8 inches also can be convoluted. It has a top speed of 140 feet per minute, as well as automatic blade sharpening and an automatic blade advance system. The HD–C is a fully computerized, touch–screen operated machine and has been designed with a rapid change–out roller system for variable zoned patterns. The convoluter is available in three sizes. The largest, HD–C–92, can convolute king– and California king–size mattress sections.
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Galkin Automated Products

Galkin Automated Products introduces its EFS100 automated serger–flanger with patented, automatic “on–the–fly” measurement technology that measures the width of quilts and automatically adjusts the trim cut of each side in real time for a finished length and width accuracy within ?–inch. “The EFS100 removes all material handling from the cycle and optimally increases cycle productivity by allowing operators to focus on tailoring and sewn–edge quality for pleat–free sew lines,” the company says. Panels are held square throughout the cycle and are floated on three air table sections. An automated corner control features produces 90–degree arcs that match underlying spring unit radiuses and increase tape–edge quality, according to Galkin.
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Leggett & Platt Global Systems Group

Porter International, part of Leggett & Platt’s Global Systems Group, offers the Flex–Border Work Cell, “a flexible collection of machines that may be mixed with customers’ existing equipment, providing a cost–effective solution for pillow–top mattress producers,” the company says. This semi–automatic border work cell joins and sews border and gusset materials; adds flange; ruffles areas of the gusset; closes the border; and adds a single–sided base, resulting in a “half cap” piece that requires no flipping at the final tape–edge operation. The work cell can be used to produce pillow–top, euro–top or box–top mattresses. Machines in the work cell include:

  • LTE–1030 Linear Tape–Edge Machine A join–and–sew machine that creates pillow–top borders. It automatically joins gusset and border panel and adds flange.
  • LRS–1030 Linear Ruffler A programmable operation that creates ruffles for pillow–top borders. The linear ruffler meters out borders, ruffles gusset, marks corners on border panel and cuts to desired lengths.
  • CMS–1030 Closing Station A border–closing station with optional underside mitering capabilities.
  • SSB–1030 Capping Machine A join–and–sew operation that attaches the bottom panel to a pillow–top border. Binds and tapes bottom panel to closed border unit, creating a “half–cap” piece ready for build up and tape edge.

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Bodet & Horst

The company says its new knitted mattress fabric TempSafe provides active temperature balancing to help a sleeper enjoy his or her own climate after only a few minutes. “TempSafe has dynamic energy storage, absorbing excess body heat and re–emitting it when the body needs it. This is provided for by microcapsules integrated into the mattress ticking,” the company says. The ticking provides extra benefits in the temperature extremes of winter and summer, according to Bodet & Horst. The TempSafe ticking is available in several different fabric qualities.
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O’Mara Inc.

O’Mara Inc. has introduced Eco–Fil, a filament polyester yarn made from 100% post–consumer plastic beverage containers. “Eco–Fil is made exclusively from PET bottles that have been filled with beverages, depleted by the consumer and reclaimed from the waste stream,” according to the company. Along with Eco–Fil’s “environmental virtues,” the company says that the fiber offers “a soft, luxurious hand; strength; shrinkage resistance; dye uptake; colorfastness; stretch; durability; and manufacturability.” The yarn can be fully or partially oriented, texturized, dyed, woven, knit, spun and finished. The company says it has upgraded Eco–Fil by adding an FR treatment, as well as an exclusive SmartSilver anti–odor, anti–microbial finish using advanced nanotechnology.
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Flexible Foam Products

Flexible Foam Products says it has “ventured out to lessen the dependency on foreign crude oil” and “meet the needs of consumers in the ‘green’ market.” By replacing petroleum–based polyols in its BiOH polyols, the company estimates saving 50,000 barrels of oil annually. Flexible Foam Products says the foam products exceed all Environmental Protection Agency requirements and have improved cell integrity for longer life. “Using soybean–based polyol in our applications will give us the same superior performance and quality as conventional foams used in automotive, bedding, and furniture but now with responsible, environmentally friendly resources,” the company says.
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The Law Offices of Joanne E. Mattiace

Attorney Joanne E. Mattiace offers assistance to bedding manufacturers with law and flammability labels, textile labels and 16 CFR Part 1633 flammability compliance, as well as general product regulation. Her firm specializes in product safety recall work. Discounts are extended to all members of the International Sleep Products Association.
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Standard Gum

The company has launched GS Premium, a slat holder for high–end beds frames. The slat holder adds “fluidity of the line for the bedding surface” and “increases comfort for sleepers because of high suspension.” The slat holders fit fixed, manual and electrical adjustable bed frames made of both wood and metal. They are available in a wide array of finishes and colors.
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