Global Systems Group offers new mattress machinery

Machinery supplier Nähtec, part of Carthage, Mo.–based Leggett & Platt’s Global Systems Group, has introduced the Nähtec NC1200 high–speed zipper attachment machine.

It features a newly designed sewing head and a pedestal stand that enables operators to be better positioned within the work station for increased productivity and improved quality, the company said.

Another new machine, the Nähtec DST–60 De–Stacker, is a robotlike device that reduces material handling. It can lift a cartload of cut mattress panels and then picks and places each on a serging station. While the operator completes a panel, the machine readies the next one for delivery.

Gateway Systems, another GSG company, also has unveiled an updated, semiautomatic Mattress Master tape–edge machine.

The new machine makes the tape–edge process easier than ever, the company said. The drive motor for the turning mechanism is repositioned to improve workspace comfort and ergonomics. A radial arm responsible for rotating the mattress is now stronger and has smoother movement for better performance.

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