Mesner reopens former Denver mattress-manufacturing plant

Mattress manufacturing veteran Les Mesner, a former Spring Air licensee, has repurchased and reopened a plant in Denver. The new Colorado Mattress Co. is now an independent producer serving a number of the plant’s former customers, including Yotes Inc., a 22–store Mattress Firm franchisee.

Mesner has rehired all of his former employees and outfitted the plant with “the latest in manufacturing equipment,” he said.

“We are producing high–quality products for the ‘meat and potatoes’ price points,” Mesner said. “Without the restrictions of a franchise organization, Colorado Mattress Co. can focus strictly on the needs of our customers.”

The company has widened its distribution to cover the entire Midwest with a line of products in suggested retail price points ranging from $299 to $1,199 for queen sizes.

“It feels good to be wanted by your former customers. It’s why we were able to reopen in the same building with the same people,” Mesner said. “We were home to a successful Spring Air franchise since 1949.”

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