Latex Int’l takes full ownership of Pure LatexBLISS

Industry supplier Latex International has acquired Pure LatexBLISS, a provider of latex mattresses and sleep accessories based in Atlanta. Latex International, with headquarters in Shelton, Conn., purchased an additional 51% stake in Pure LatexBLISS in September, bringing its ownership stake to 100%. Pure LatexBLISS will operate as a wholly–owned subsidiary of Latex International. Details of the deal were not disclosed.

“In the past two years, Pure LatexBLISS has become one of the fastest–growing luxury mattress brands in the world, doing business in six countries,” said Dave Fisher, Latex International president and chief executive officer. “The brand has proven to be a successful alternative for retailers to maintain high tickets and increase margin dollars of specialty bedding consumers who are ready to spend $2,000 to $3,000 on a mattress but don’t like the feel of memory foam. The latex industry needs a stable of strong brands to sit across from successful memory foam on retail floors, and retailers need more profitable alternatives in the specialty sleep market.”

Latex International said it will continue to pursue business as a supplier of latex components to key manufacturing and factory–direct partners in North America.

The company does business in 60 countries. It plans to rebrand its direct–to–retail Rejuvenite latex pillow line under the Pure LatexBLISS label.

Pure LatexBLISS was founded in 2009 by mattress industry veterans Joe Hunt and Kurt Ling.
It has operated as a sales and marketing company that uses contract manufacturers and logistics partners to produce and distribute its products. Under the new ownership structure, Hunt and Ling will continue to be involved in the leadership of the brand, according to a news release.

Mattress industry veterans Joe Hunt (left) and Kurt Ling

Mattress industry veterans Joe Hunt (left) and Kurt Ling
launched Pure LatexBLISS in 2009. The company regularly
shows its line of latex mattresses and sleep accessories
at the Las Vegas Market.

“Latex International has been a tremendous supporter of our company since inception,” said Ling, Pure LatexBLISS chief executive officer. “This deal is good for us, personally and professionally. It allows Pure LatexBLISS to go to the next level to service retailers and consumers.”

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