CertiPUR-US launches consumer website

CertiPUR-US, a foam certification program, has created a new website, www.certipur.us, aimed at consumers with health and safety concerns about bedding and upholstery materials. The site also provides a list of companies that offer products containing certified flexible polyurethane foam, as well as resources for furniture and mattress industry manufacturers and suppliers.

The new site is the first step in a marketing campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of CertiPUR-US-certified flexible polyurethane foams and to drive demand for certified products. “Mattress and furniture shoppers want to know where to find products containing certified foams and the website was designed to make that easier,” said Doug Sullivan, executive director of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, the organization that manages the certification program. “Being able to verify that the foam in your products is certified is also a powerful selling tool for manufacturers and retailers.”

Sullivan said he has seen a surge in calls and emails from consumers looking for foam products that carry the CertiPUR-US seal and from companies in the furniture and mattress industries that want to promote their participation in the program. The seal validates that flexible polyurethanes for use in mattresses and upholstered furniture meet certain environmental, health, safety and performance guidelines.

Details of the steps required in the certification process are available in the industry sections of the website. The resource also makes it easier for manufacturers and retailers to find participating foam suppliers and to review registration documents. The program is open to domestic and foreign producers of flexible polyurethane foam.

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