ISPA EXPO seminar: What motivates women to buy?

Delia Passi

Delia Passi: ‘When value exceeds cost, women will buy.’

“Increasingly, women control how household dollars will be spent and what purchases will be made,” Delia Passi told an audience during an educational session at ISPA EXPO 2012 on March 15.

According to Passi, an authority on selling to women and president and chief executive officer of Medelia Inc., a training, consulting and research firm in Hollywood, Fla., women make or influence more than 90% of household purchasing decisions—and 88% of mattress-buying decisions.

Despite women’s spending power, companies—including mattress makers—aren’t meeting the expectations of female consumers and need “to develop a greater awareness of the women’s market,” Passi said.

When it comes to shopping, women will spend money but are frugal. They want quality but they also want the best value.

“When value exceeds the cost, women will buy,” Passi said.

Women generally are emotionally driven, Passi said. They enjoy the buying process more than men, take longer to make purchasing decisions, research products extensively and want detailed explanations.

To quench that thirst for information, women increasingly search the Internet for product information. Manufacturers should make sure their websites are female-friendly and have a clear mission statement.

According to a recent mattress-purchasing survey conducted by Passi, 52% of women said they purchased a mattress more than three years ago, 50% expect a mattress to last five to 10 years and 30% said they will buy one within a year.

When it comes to in-store shopping, women look for retailers with a quality product, clean stores, stellar recommendations and a great reputation, Passi said.

Mattress manufacturers should help dealers to provide a more pleasant retail experience.
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