'Green' facility retrofits can save you money

Julie A. Palm

Julie A. Palm, editor in chief

Sustainability experts often tell businesses that being “green” is not just about the environment, it’s about your bottom line. I believe them.

Suddenly, it’s summer and the temperature and humidity are soaring here in the American Southeast. This is the time of year when my electricity and water bills spike because the air conditioner is working 24/7, and I’m outside daily watering my garden.

Without a doubt, if I invested in better home insulation, I would reap savings on my cooling bills year after year. Another rain barrel and more garden mulch would make sense, too–come to think of it.

Owners of mattress facilities may want to consider their own green retrofits. Watch this slideshow for some ideas to get you started: “10 Retrofit Suggestions for Greener Warehouse Facilities” at CSRwire.

I especially like the first slide, which recommends introducing natural light into dim warehouses through the use of “solar pipes” or tubes. “Daylighting” has been shown not only to reduce facility lighting costs, but also to improve worker productivity and well-being.

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'Green' facility retrofits can save you money

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