Boyteks plants forest

Boydak Holding Chairman Hacı Boydak
Haci Boydak, Boydak Holding chairman, lends a hand at the company tree planting.

Turkish textile supplier Boyteks announced it has planted 10,000 saplings in a once barren landscape in the Kayseri industrial zone where its headquarters are located.

The company said it is a strong sustainability advocate operating “on the principle of respect for nature and human health” and “incorporating environmental awareness and social responsibility strategy for a cleaner and healthier future.”

On planting day, Haci Boydak, chairman of Boyteks’ parent Boydak Holding said, “This land we are planting saplings on used to be covered with rocks. Once the rocks were cleared, a very fertile soil was uncovered. We intend to plant 35,000 saplings on this land. As we plant the saplings both Kayseri and Turkey will become greener.”

Boyteks General Manager Mustafa Yildirim who was also in attendance said, “We create and take advantage of opportunities to put into practice environmentally conscious projects in line with our principle for sustainability, which is necessary for happier and healthier generations. We organize periodic training for personnel every year to raise environmental awareness. We are here with all of our personnel today to make sure that each one had a tree in their name. New environmental activities will take place in the upcoming year, as well.”