Happy May and Happy Better Sleep Month!

Julie A. Palm

Julie Palm, editor in chief

May is Better Sleep Month, an annual awareness campaign about the important role the mattress plays in getting a good night’s sleep. Better Sleep Month is organized by the Better Sleep Council, the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association.

This year’s campaign encourages people to “Stop Sleeping Around” and draws attention to the fact that sleep loss has reached near-epidemic proportions.

“The concept is that there is an epidemic—silently spreading,” says Karin Mahoney, BSC director of communications. “It can harm your health, cause weight gain, suppress sex drive and make you less attractive. What is this plague? It’s sleep deprivation and millions are already affected.”

The cure? Fortify your sleep environment by checking mattresses and pillows for possible replacement, and create good sleep habits.

“The BSM message incorporates a hard-hitting, sleep-focused public service announcement, with an inspirational, hopeful tone,” Mahoney says.

A key component of the campaign will be a Better Sleep Challenge, in which two nationally recognized lifestyle bloggers record their daily sleep activities and work with a professional sleep expert to take steps to improve their sleep habits. Each blogger will receive a new mattress from a participating retailer and will document their progress on their blogs.

Another aspect of the campaign is a Better Sleep Sweepstakes. After taking a sleep-related quiz, participants can enter a sweepstakes. Prizes will be gift cards from participating retailers that the winners can use toward the purchase of a new mattress.

For more information about how your company can tie into Better Sleep Month efforts, contact Mahoney at [email protected] or 703-683-8371, and read the BSC’s latest Better Sleep Month news release.

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