Mattress Firm co-founder Harry Roberts to open stores in home state

Houston-based Mattress Firm has announced that franchisee and store co-founder Harry Roberts will open the first of three franchise stores in his hometown Sioux Falls, S.D., Nov. 16. The store opening represents Mattress Firm’s first foothold in the state from which all three of its founders hail. Roberts, along with Steve Fendrich and Paul Stork, founded the now publicly owned sleep shop chain in 1986. All are South Dakota natives.

“While Mattress Firm stores may be new to South Dakota, South Dakota isn’t new to Mattress Firm,” said Roberts, “University of South Dakota graduates fill many roles in the organization today including our EVP of Marketing, VP of Learning & Development, Director of Talent, Acquisition & Recruiting and field leadership roles. I’m very excited that by building a presence in our home state, we will be able to provide more employment opportunities and also offer our wide selection of mattresses and excellent customer service to local customers.”