Pillow intros are show stoppers

In some sleep products showrooms at Las Vegas Market, pillows occupied center stage. Introductions ran the gamut–there were interesting new pillows offering combinations of adjustability, climate control and better sleep hygiene.

sean bergman with purecare one pillow

Choosing sides: Sean Bergman of PureCare with the new PureCare One pillow that flips from firm to soft neck support.

Mattress protection and pillow supplier PureCare (formerly Fabrictech International) launched PureCare One, a multicomponent pillow designed for any sleep position and offering the company’s signature health protection attributes and breathability. Each of the collection’s six pillows has two cylinders made from soft and firm latex, memory foam or gel foam (Dual Silhouette Supports). The pillow’s center is filled with Identically Down fill. By flipping the pillow, the sleeper can change the firmness of the pillow’s neck and spine support. It is expected to retail for about $179.

Rob O'Neill (left) and Herman Tam of Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group clutching the new PhaseChange Gel and Brisa

Clean and cool: Rob O’Neill (left) and Herman Tam of Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group clutching the new PhaseChange Gel and Clean Shield with Crypton Super Fabric pillows

Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group introduced the Clean Shield Pillow with Crypton Super Fabric, which retails for about $79. The high-loft, polyester fiber-fill pillow has an impenetrable moisture and allergen barrier that can be spot-cleaned and disinfected. Also new, the Brisa PhaseChange Gel Pillow has a memory foam core and ThermaPhase Gel technology which the company says improves temperature regulation and pressure relief.

In its new showroom, Blu Sleep Products showcased a line of colorful, perforated 59-inch foam body pillows that retail for $189. The pillows have different types of memory foam formulas with a range of attributes.

Blu Sleep body pillows

Extra long: Among its pillow introductions, Blu Sleep Products offered four perforated, foam body pillows with a variety of attributes.

Blu Sleep Products also launched a group of eight pillows with either New Zealand wool fill laminated to hold its shape and support,  or  with Dacron fill. Within the collection, are four pillows containing 2-inch inserts of latex or Aquagel–“Italian water-based foamed gel that is highly elastic, resilient and breathable,” the company said–surrounded by wool or by Dacron. Prices for the entire group range from $69 to $149.

Salem Sleep Refresh pillow

Wash ‘n sleep: From Salem Sleep Systems, the Refresh Wash ‘N Dry pillow can be tossed into the washing machine.

Sleep products distributor Salem Sleep Systems introduced Refresh Wash ‘N Dry pillows, the first memory foam pillow that is completely machine washable, the company said. The pillows’ Swiss-made foam maintains its integrity after washing and has a highly breathable, open-cell structure. The pillows come with zippered knit covers that offer a variety of health attributes. The pillows retail for $99 and are available in two profiles.

SleepAngel pillow with PneumaPure filer

Breathe in: The SleepAngel pillow with patented PneumaPure filter has been rebranded for the American market.

Finally, Gabriel Scientific held the official U.S. consumer launch of its rebranded SleepAngel pillow with patented PneumaPure filter–to block germs and allergens from contaminating the pillow’s interior. The pillows are available with four fills–gel foam, memory foam, micro fiber and latex–and retail from $80 to $120. The product, which launched to consumers in 2012 and is sold in over 20 countries, has a distilled message, “Sleep where the air is pure;” eye-catching point-of-sale materials; and attractive, boxed packaging, said Chief Executive Officer David Woolfson.







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