Americans need days to adjust to daylight saving time

MATTRESS FIRM 8 TIPSAmericans require an average of three-and-a-half days to adjust to daylight saving time, according to a survey commissioned by Mattress Firm, yet less than half prepare for the lost hour of sleep.

The survey also revealed that 82% of Americans feel tired, groggy and irritable, as they adjust to the time change. And while more than half of adults indicate they need eight or more hours of sleep per night to feel well-rested, only one-third of those polled receive the recommended seven and a half hours of sleep each evening.

“Americans do not sleep enough to adequately fuel their power-packed days,” said Terry Cralle, registered nurse and certified clinical sleep educator. “We are all aware of the benefits of a good night’s sleep, yet at the end of the day (literally), we aren’t following proven sleep tips and making the necessary adjustments to improve our overall sleep health.”

The survey also noted that stress levels and a good mattress were the top two responses regarding what contributes to a good night’s sleep, yet the survey also revealed that one in five adults sleep on a mattress that is nine years or older.

Mattress Firm partnered with Cralle to offer consumers eight tips for sleeping better, which also help reinforce the No. 1 tip: Replace every 8.

Additional tips include:

Medit8 (find a few minutes of quiet time before bed)

Activ8 your Heart R8 (exercising means sleeping better)

Elimin8 (replace foods full of complex carbohydrates and sugar)

Decaffein8 (cut off caffeine at midday),

Deactiv8 (turn off blue-light devices such as phones and iPads before bed)

Rejuven8 (a nap can have restorative properties)

Regul8 (stick to a consistent sleep routine and go to bed and wake up at the same time each day)

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