ISPA chairman's message

Ron Passaglia

Ron Passaglia, ISPA chairman and Restonic president

Passaglia’s EXPO speech stresses exceeding expectations, working together

ISPA Chairman and Restonic President Ron Passaglia addressed the industry in a speech at last month’s ISPA EXPO with a theme that stressed the importance of exceeding customer expectations and working together as an industry in order to thrive in today’s marketplace.

“As business leaders we can never rest,” he said. “… We need to have a mindset to strive to stay one step ahead in anticipating customer needs in order to exceed their expectations—this is how we not merely succeed, but thrive in the marketplace.”

Passaglia explained that the challenge is to look at our individual companies, then our industry as a whole, to identify how, together, we can exceed expectations throughout the bedding purchase process.

“We are a unique group,” he continued. “We are individual companies as well as an interconnected industry. The manner in which we manage our business relationships trickles down the line to the ultimate consumer: our mattress buyer. We need to stay on message every step of the way.”

Passaglia said that expectations are built both on the foundations we all provide through marketing, advertising and promotion, and also through reputation, economic climate, and ever-shifting consumer attitudes and trends.

“No matter how hard we try, we cannot exceed expectations separately in the industry,” he said. “Suppliers, manufacturers and retailers need to work seamlessly together to reach today’s customer. That is how we all can exceed our goals.

“Whether you are a supplier, manufacturer or retailer, our customers form their expectations from all of our channels,” Passaglia continued. “Recognize this, embrace it, and respond with flexibility to the customer and industry needs.”

In the end, Passaglia said, anticipating customer’s needs and applying flexible solutions will yield greater business effectiveness, improved efficiencies and stronger customer satisfaction.

“Let’s look at our industry as a whole,” he said. “Let’s embrace the alignment between all areas of our industry—create links and points of connection—with one common goal: to provide the customer with a great night’s sleep…. As an industry, let’s be sure there is no disconnect on the message that is being delivered along the path of the mattress-purchase cycle.”

Ultimately, explained Passaglia, if we all work together, then the mattress consumer will let the community know, and they will come back for another enjoyable mattress experience.

“Constantly examining the connections between our different industry segments and developing a balanced approach that will serve all of us,” explained Passaglia. “This is what we try to achieve with ISPA as we navigate the business and policy challenges this year and beyond.”

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