Storytelling pillow keeps kids in bed

Elo storytelling pillow

Elo storytelling pillow

Minneapolis-based Edia Inc. has introduced the Elo pillow, which helps small children fall asleep more quickly by playing bedtime stories or music. The pillow’s sound function operates only when a child’s head is on the pillow. If they lift their head, the sound stops, thus encouraging children to stay in bed and fall asleep.

The pillow is the brainchild of company cofounder Killian Rieder, a parent herself, who said, “Parents everywhere hear similar and very creative excuses from their kids at bedtime—she wants water, he’s not tired, it’s too dark, there’s a monster in the closet. Our Elo certainly doesn’t replace Mom and Dad reading stories to their kids, it just helps them along when they need the extra help.”

The pillow is sold online at The company currently is accepting pre-orders and expects to begin shipping product August 1. The Elo retails for $119. Pillows come preloaded with music and stories. Parents can purchase and download additional content for the Elo pillow from Edia.

This story was updated June 4, 2014.

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