News release: MRC submits Connecticut mattress-recycling plan


July 1, 2014
Contact: Shelly Sullivan
(916) 858-8686

Mattress Recycling Council Submits
Recycling Plan to Connecticut’s
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
DEEP has 90 Days to Review and Approve the Plan

Alexandria, VA – On July 1, 2014, the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) submitted a recycling plan to Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). Connecticut is the first of three states to implement new mattress recycling legislation enacted in 2013.  The other two states are California and Rhode Island.  DEEP has 90 days to review and approve MRC’s plan.

MRC is an industry-created non-profit organization formed to develop and implement mattress recycling programs in states that have passed mattress recycling laws.

mattress recycling council logoMRC’s President Ryan Trainer stated, “The plan that MRC is submitting today is the product of a great deal of effort by all interest parties. Submitting the plan to DEEP is a significant and exciting next step in MRC’s implementation of Connecticut’s mattress recycling law. We look forward to working with DEEP and all stakeholders as we advance this process.”

MRC’s objective is to encourage mattress recycling in a consumer friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner.  Following DEEP’s regulatory approval, Connecticut’s mattress recycling program is expected to launch in February 2015.

The Connecticut program will be administered by MRC, and will be funded by a visible point-of-purchase fee. MRC has proposed a recycling fee of $9 for each mattress and each foundation unit sold to Connecticut consumers.   The fee amount will be subject to state sales tax.

Retailers and manufacturers will participate in the Connecticut program by registering online through a secure portal on MRC’s website. There is no cost for registration.  For more information about MRC, updates on MRC’s efforts to implement all three states’ recycling laws, and instructions on how to register with MRC, manufacturers, retailers and other interested parties may visit MRC’s website at:

Trainer noted, “The plan submitted to DEEP is a comprehensive and well-thought-out proposal that will increase the volume of mattresses and foundations recycled annually, and reduce the number of mattresses and foundations dumped in landfills, alleys, and vacant lots.”


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