Sound Sleep trademarks AGT bed brand, applies for patents

Sound Sleep’s Advanced Gel Technology collection AGT is patent-pending.

Sound Sleep’s Advanced Gel Technology collection is patent-pending.

Pacific Northwest mattress manufacturer and Lady Americana licensee, Sound Sleep Products Inc., with headquarters in Sumner, Washington, has trademarked the poured-gel Advanced Gel Technology bedding brand, as well as its acronym “AGT.” The company also has applied for U.S. and international patents on the specialty bed’s “airflow and support systems.” Sound Sleep launched AGT in May 2012.

The company claims to be one of the first mattress makers to create “a pure, poured-gel product, rather than (using) blends or pieces of gel suspended in memory foam.”

Sound Sleep principal John Larsen said, “We have invested heavily in materials, machinery and R&D. … Extensive prototyping was necessary to get the look and feel of the product right for the market. We went a little overboard on this, but we had to get it right. Going forward we see multiple opportunities in the specialty-foam business using the equipment and techniques we mastered in this effort.”

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