What more could a magazine editor ask for?

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Betsi Robinson
Associate Editor

I’ve always been a serious sleepy-head. My childhood friends, college roommates, early-morning exercise partners and, alas, poor family—all will attest to that.

For more years than I care to admit, I’ve slept through the alarm clocks I set religiously most every night and relied on these people to pry me out of bed most every morning.

Put me in a car for more than 30 minutes, and I’m a goner. Unless I’m behind the wheel. Then I might last an hour, tops.

And sleeping on the job? Oh yes, that too.

During the many years I spent as a reporter and editor in the newspaper business—before anyone ever heard of a “nap room”—I frequently snuck off to the employee lounge after lunch to catch a short snooze and recharge for the rest of the day. If the lounge happened to be occupied, well, I’d just grab the small pillow and blanket I kept in my bottom desk drawer, shut my office door and crash right there on the floor. A working mother of three kids, those mid-afternoon naps literally saved my life!

That’s why I love my new job with BedTimes. It’s just a darn good fit.

Why, just a few weeks ago, I came across a news report on the popularity of nap rooms among today’s progressive companies seeking to help employees balance the demands of work and family life. That’s sweet vindication for a sleepy-head like me. Guess I was a visionary way back when.

Seriously, folks, there are legitimate reasons why I love my new job. The No. 1 has to be the superior team of people who bring you this publication every month. Each has extensive experience producing magazines, and each has exercised great patience while teaching me the ropes—not only the particulars of this magazine and its sister publication, Sleep Savvy, but of the mattress industry we strive to serve.

Another reason is the superior product this team produces. If BedTimes feels heavier in your hands this month, that’s because it is. Cover to cover, our December issue is chock-full of news—from an in-depth economic forecast for 2015 to the latest industry and market news to cutting-edge research on sleep and health. And, as is customary, this issue features the International Sleep Products Association’s 2015 Supplies Guide, in which you’ll find hundreds of supplier companies and the valuable products and services they offer.

Speaking of ISPA, that brings me to the third reason I love my new job. That would be you—our members and readers. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some of you during my first Vegas market in July (my first week on the job!) and, more recently, this fall in High Point. I thank you for the warm welcome.

The mattress industry, I’ve found, is filled with hard-working and innovative people. And I hope to meet many more of you as we dive into an exciting new year together. 

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