Which side of the bed?

A recent survey shows Americans have preference for which side of the bed they sleep on. In fact, the majority want to get up on the right side of the bed.


The study, conducted by online mattress company Saatva, found that men were more likely than women to care about which side they slept on, and women were more likely to care about which direction they were facing in bed, according to an article about the poll in The Daily Mail.

Other survey tidbits:

40% of respondents always have slept on the same side of the bed.

More than half said that they didn’t consciously pick the side of the bed that they were sleeping on nightly and, if given the decision now, 30% said they would switch to the other side.

64% prefer not facing their partners.

A third of Americans said they’d rather sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to an electrical outlet.

67% opt to sleep closer to the bathroom.

58% want to be closest to a window.

48% like to be nearest to a door.

20% said they were unwilling to change sides of the bed for a romantic partner and were more likely to give up the television remote.

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