Shifman Mattress honors 80-year retailer relationship

Shifman Mattress and Moyer furniture group shot

Still going strong Celebrating their decades-long partnership are (from left) Joe Ballone of Shifman Mattress Co.; David Moyer Sr. and David Moyer Jr., both of Benjamin T. Moyer Furniture; and Mike Hammer, Bill Hammer and John Cascaes, all of Shifman.

Manufacturer Shifman Mattress Co. is celebrating 80 years of doing business with 80-year-old retailer Benjamin T. Moyer Furniture in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

“We sell more Shifman mattresses than anything else in the store,” said David Moyer Jr., store manager and grandson of founder Benjamin Moyer. “My grandparents had a Shifman mattress in their home and they made the decision to sell what they believed to be the best mattresses in the industry. The mattresses are still handmade in the United States with high quality standards and fine natural materials. There is just no other mattress like it in the business. Shifman processes its own cotton and hand tufts its mattresses. These are the quality products we choose to put in our store.”

In June, the retailer offered a custom-designed Shifman model at a discount to commemorate the anniversary of its relationship with the bed brand.

Shifman President Bill Hammer said, “I would like to congratulate the Moyer family on their 80-year philosophy of satisfying customers in central Pennsylvania with superior quality and service. Even more important than the business we have done together is the relationship that we have enjoyed between our families.”

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