Talalay Global plant featured on Fox Business

Talalay Global video outtake showing latex foam being pouredLatex supplier Talalay Global was featured on “Manufacturing Marvels,” a two-minute segment that airs on the Fox Business Network. The video was shot at Talalay Global’s headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut, and showcases the Talalay latex production process.

“(The video) provided us with a unique way to tell our story and, even more importantly, for everyone to see exactly how the product is manufactured here in the USA,” said David Fisher, Talalay Global president and chief executive officer. “The segment has been very helpful in getting our customers and consumers to better understand the unique qualities of Talalay. … It is really quite special for us to unveil our unique technology and purity-driven process. We were glad for the opportunity to open our doors for everyone to see it first hand.”

The segment is available for viewing at the Talalay Global website.