Which state is the sleepiest?

The movie may have been called “Sleepless in Seattle,” but results from a survey commissioned by Select Comfort, a Minneapolis-based mattress maker and retailer, found that those in the Peach State actually get the least amount of rest across the nation.

The survey results, released during the Better Sleep Council-sponsored “May is Better Sleep Month,” were used as part of a campaign for the Select Comfort’s Sleep Number brand, #committosleep.

The survey found the states where residents are getting the least amount of sleep are:

Georgia (6.09 hours)

Hawaii (6.28 hours)

Nevada (6.31 hours)

Oklahoma (6.36 hours)

Arizona (6.39 hours)

States where people are getting the most sleep, but still not reaching the recommended eight hours, are:

Idaho (7.12 hours)

New Hampshire (7.06 hours)

Vermont (7.06 hours)

Montana (6.95 hours)

Oregon (6.94 hours)

The survey found that Americans sleep an average of 6.7 hours a night—and only 5.68 hours of that are considered restful. More than 40% of people reported they get four hours or less of restful sleep per night.

More than half of those surveyed wished they knew more about improving their sleep quality, but only 16% have tracked their sleep. Exercise and nutrition are a different story: 43% of Americans have tried tracking their exercise habits and 41% have tracked their diets.