CertiPUR-US Approves First U.S. Testing Lab

CertiPUR-US logoThe Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam has approved Intertek, with headquarters in Kentwood, Michigan, as the first U.S. testing laboratory in the CertiPUR-US program. Intertek has 1,000 facilities in 100 countries. Previously, all CertiPUR-US testing was conducted at one of three European testing facilities.

Few labs have the equipment and capacity to do all of the flexible polyurethane foam testing required by the program, said Mike Crowell, CertiPUR-US executive director. “The process by which a lab is approved is rigorous. Intertek was thoroughly vetted by our board and our technical advisory group and had to pass round-robin testing with sample foams, to show results matched results of other approved labs on identical foams. Adding a U.S.-based testing facility provides more choices for the nearly 30 foam producers—from the U.S., Canada, China, Mexico and Italy—participating in the program.”

Brian Kneibel, Intertek business development manager, commented, “As an industry leader in bedding and furniture testing, (we’re) always looking for ways to improve the experience for our clients. We’re pleased to be an approved lab offering this testing service to determine compliance with CertiPUR-US requirements to foam manufacturers around the world.”

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