Malouf flips switch on massive solar panel installation

Malouf flips switch on solar panelsSleep accessories supplier Malouf, based in Logan, Utah, is nearing completion on the construction of a 220,000-square-foot headquarters and warehouse in nearby Nibley. The project is adhering to environmentally responsible construction guidelines and includes the state’s largest solar panel installation.

Malouf recently held a “Flip the Switch” event celebrating the completion of the rooftop solar panel system. In addition to offsetting most of the new building’s electricity usage, the system powers eight electric vehicle-charging stations.

“Ever since we decided to promote clean energy and to power our new building with solar, we have looked forward to utilizing the benefits,” said Jake Neeley, Malouf marketing communications director. “Our team has fostered a culture of progressive thinking and cares about making a positive impact on the community. Flipping the switch at the beginning of the winter months, before the building is actually completed, is a reflection of our hope for cleaner air and greater environmental responsibility.”

According to a news release, one reason Malouf was motivated to produce clean energy is that the company is located in a geographic region that frequently experiences poor air quality.

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