Video Tweets From 'Best Ever' ISPA EXPO


The editorial staff had great fun covering ISPA EXPO last week, speaking with dozens of exhibitors, all of whom invariably described this year’s EXPO as “crazy busy!”, “best ever!” “tremendous!”–and even “insane!”

Expect to read full coverage in May BedTimes. Meanwhile, enjoy these video tweets from the exhibition floor where a number of obliging mattress industry suppliers tell us about their latest products, technologies and other company news.

TUNEFUL DEMO Anshul Gupta of Future Foam uses music to compare the flow-through nature of new, very open cell NEXT foams with sound- and air-blocking traditional memory foam:

RADICAL Texas Pocket Springs’s Martin Wolfson shows how new glueless, ultrasonically welded Quadcoil pocket springs can create different feels within a mattress:

FREEFORM Darren Marcangelo of Spinks Springs shows off the company’s Coils Anywhere technology:

ITS A WRAP Mark Des Jardin of C3 has fun showing us the company’s newest high-volume rollpack machine; the C3 Compression Fold is three machines in one:

#COMFORTABLEWITHTHAT Hans Druyts of Custom8 explains r-Leaf patented bed base module with adjustable slats that allows retailers to help consumers find the perfect mattress:

FIRE! (Not really) We warmed up and shot this Vine video at testing major Govmark’s booth.

INTRICATE AS A SNOWFLAKE Vicki Fishman of Wright Global Graphics shows off the company’s new laser cutting capabilities:

WHAT???!!! Imagine being able to rotate your mattress with two fingers. Bill Scarleski of Levitation Technologies demonstrates a weightless mattress maneuvering system:

PRETTY COOL Gokmen Kara of Boyteks Tekstil shows us some of his company’s innovative fabrics:

CRADLE-TO-CRADLE Radium Foam’s Ila Farshad explains the symbology of the new Vita Talalay logo:

METALLICA Bob Quickstad of Mountain Top Foam discusses the attributes of latex toppers infused with copper and aluminum:

MARY, THIS IS A HOG RING Mark DeBiase of Vertex demonstrates the High-Capacity C-Ring Tool holding 300 hog rings.

REAL QUICK Mark Kinsley of Leggett & Platt explains all the Quantum Edge wrapped-coil news and the fact they can be rollpacked:

STRONG, WASHABLE! Alan Robinson of Dow Polyurethanes discusses new bedding foam chemistries from Dow Comfort Science:

AT YOUR SERVICE Alessio Brighi touts the new Brighi Tech Innovation consulting team:

UMBRELLA Ralph Jones proudly shares details of the newly rebranded Jones Family of Companies:

MULTIPURPOSE Jamie Hinton of Precision Fabrics shows us a new thick, tough and quiet nonwoven for upholstering foundation tops:

Wright Global Graphics high definition printingThis story’s homepage thumbnail photo is an example of Wright Global Graphics’ new high-resolution printing capabilities.