Posh+Lavish Funds Life-Saving Surgery

Posh+Lavish Funds Life-saving Surgery

Luxury mattress brand Posh+Lavish, headquartered in Atlanta, is funding a life-saving surgery for a child in Uganda.

The nonprofit organization CURE International will operate on a child with hydrocephalus, a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in ventricles of the brain, causing the head to swell. According to a news release, Posh+Lavish is donating 25% of its profits to CURE, which also provides surgeries for children suffering from club feet, bowed legs, cleft lip and other conditions.

“We cannot believe we get the opportunity to save a child’s life,” Posh+Lavish co-founder Kurt Ling said. “We can’t wait to track alongside this surgery and follow up with this child and their family in months to come.”

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