Malouf Unveils New Headquarters

Sam Malouf speaks at new HQ

Sam Malouf, chief executive officer of Malouf, speaks at the grand opening of the company’s newly built Nibley, Utah, headquarters.

Bedding products supplier Malouf has moved into its new quarters in Nibley, near the company’s former headquarters in Logan, Utah. The newly built facility serves as Malouf’s main office and primary warehouse for the Western United States.   

The state-of-the-art facility has Carrara marble floors, is filled with natural light and has an open floor plan with views of mountains. There is a two-story employee gym and indoor basketball court. In a commercial kitchen, Malouf’s company chef prepares lunches served in a large employee dining room.

“Building a new headquarters was a chance to do something that really focused on our people, their individuality and the traditions we’ve created together,” said Sam Malouf, chief executive officer, during the grand opening attended by more than 600 people. “The people here are the key to our success. Together we created a culture, and this building is a reflection of that. It includes fun, energy, respect, purpose, dignity, kindness, creativity and absolutely no beige carpet or motivational posters.”

At the opening ceremony, Malouf shattered a clear glass plate with a golden hammer.

“We’ve created our own unique traditions, and in keeping with that, we broke glass instead of cutting a ribbon,” said Jake Neeley, Malouf marketing communications director. “It’s fun and different, but it also has meaning. We’re a transparent company. Breaking glass is part of traditions that remind us to be humble, and glass is prominent in the building’s architecture.”

The new warehouse’s 6.6 million cubic feet is filled with sheets, mattress protectors, pillows, frames and toppers, ready for distribution across the across the Western United States. The eastern half of the country is served by three North Carolina distribution centers.

Sam Malouf started the business from his two-bedroom apartment 13 years ago. A virtual tour of the new headquarters is available at

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