The Specialty Sleep Association Elects Officers, Retools Purpose

The Specialty Sleep Association, based in Friant, California, has elected new officers, expanded its board of directors, and updated its vision and mission statements.

Angela Owen, principal of Suite Sleep, based in Boulder, Colorado, was elected Specialty Sleep Association chair. Owen has more than 15 years of experience in the bedding industry. Sarah Bergman, vice president of marketing and creative for Fairfield, New Jersey-based PureCare, is vice chair; and Pascal Roberge, director of sales for bed-frame maker Beaudoin, headquartered in Québec, Canada, was named secretary and treasurer. Dale Read and Tambra Jones were reappointed to serve as president and executive director of the SSA, respectively.

 In addition to the three newly elected officers, the SSA added two board members and now numbers 10 voting members. New officers include Brian Davis, general manager of St. Louis-based Bedroom Store; and Thomas Frismodt, chief executive officer of specialty sleep supplier Danican, a division of Aarhus, Denmark-based EverRest ApS. Each was elected to a three-year term. 

The organization also relaunched two websites, and, released the updated Bedfax consumer disclosure contents label program, and updated its logo.

The group’s new mission statement is, “To serve sleep innovators, both manufacturing and retail, by promoting members, product transparency and education.” Its vision is “to be a trusted authority for consumers on product transparency and education for specialty sleep products.”

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