Magniflex Introduces Magni Smartech Smart Bed and Integrated Sleep System

Italian mattress maker Magniflex, with U.S. headquarters in Miami, has introduced patent-pending Magni Smartech, an integrated sleep system that records and analyzes data about users and their sleep environment.

Magniflex Magni Smartech
Italian manufacturer Magniflex says the new Magni Smartech smart mattress and adjustable base will help users improve their sleep over time.

A network of sensors in the bed’s cushion layer registers wake-up times, hours slept, average heart rate, respiration, body movement, bedroom noise level and brightness, and more. A control unit aggregates the data and shares it with users via a downloaded smartphone app or a web browser.

Meant to work in conjunction with a split adjustable base, the Magni Smartech app allows for advanced programing of the base and has an anti-snore function that automatically raises the head of the snoring partner until the snoring stops. A split queen retails for about $17,000.

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