Interzum 2017, Get Comfortable in Cologne


Use these tips and tools to make it easy to mix work and pleasure in this historic city.

dom at night Interzum
Construction on the towering Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 and continued, on and off, until it was completed in 1880. Credit: Dieter Jacobi/KölnTourismus GmbH

Every two years, members of the sleep products industry converge on Cologne, Germany, to exhibit or shop for components or machinery at the Interzum Cologne trade fair. The enormous show, held this year May 16-19, targets every type of furniture and interiors manufacturing and is housed in the Koelnmesse Exhibit Complex.

With more than 1,600 exhibitors from 60 countries, the show lays claim to being the largest components fair for interiors in the world. More than 60,000 visitors are expected to attend from 145 countries. They’ll walk through hall after hall of futuristic displays that provide a fascinating look at global trends in color, components and materials, design, and technologies for every interior furnishing category.

ISPA members including Atlanta Attachment Co., Bedding Industries of America, BekaertDeslee, Boyteks Tekstil San. ve Tic. AS, Henkel, divisions of Leggett & Platt Inc., SABA, Simalfa/KulKote and Wright Global Graphics—plus many more—all are showing here. And be sure to visit exhibitors in the ISPA Bedding Centre exhibit space.

The excitement begins at Koelnmesse, but doesn’t end there. The city offers so much, even for returning visitors. Don’t miss the chance to experience more and do more each time you go.

The fair is situated on the Rhine River in the city center (Innenstadt), which is a hub of art galleries and museums, the busy High Street (Hohe Strasse) shopping district and scenic Old Town along the Rhine—not to mention the imposing Cologne Cathedral (Koelner Dom), of course.

The city boasts a superb mass transit system anchored by the central train station adjacent to the cathedral. Getting to different parts of town is easy, especially if you download the right transit app to your phone.

In scenic Old Town, take a walk through the old market (Alter Markt) past the Jan von Werth fountain with the historic town hall tower in the background. Credit: Jens Korte/KoelnTourismus GmbH

Go back to the Dom

You’ve probably heard of the gothic Cologne Cathedral. Its first stone was laid in 1248, but the massive edifice was not completed until 1880. Today, it is Germany’s biggest tourist attraction. Read all about this UNESCO World Heritage site at Then head back for another visit.

Arrive at 10:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. and pay 8 euros for a guided tour, or wander on your own for free. Pay 4 euros to climb one of the towers, then sit for a while and gaze up at some of the enormous stained glass windows. Many needed restoration following World War II and most have religious themes, but one replacement, built in 2007, is a “pixelated” 65-foot-tall work of art created by contemporary German artist Gerhard Richter. He used 11,500 4-inch squares of original, antique glass in 72 colors to create a brilliantly colored window that casts amazing light patterns.

The cathedral was built to hold thousands of pilgrims and is filled with sacred objects. As you walk through the 26,000-square-foot space, ponder the soaring architecture, art and relics. The most well-known is the shrine to the Three Wise Men, which is said to hold their bones, brought to Cologne from Milan in 1164.

Go back as far as Roman times in Cologne

Cologne is one of Germany’s oldest cities. It was founded in 50 A.D. when the Romans arrived and established a settlement on the Rhine. It later became the capital of the Roman province Germania Inferior. You can tour the subterranean, excavated remains of the governor’s palace (Roman Praetorium) and part of a Roman sewer beneath Cologne City Hall square at 2 Kleine Budengasse.

romano-germanic museum Interzum
Built above the remains of a Roman villa and adjacent to the Dom, the Romano-Germanic Museum houses objects relating to the art, culture and everyday life of Roman and early
medieval Cologne. Credit: Jens Korte/ Koeln Tourismus GmbH

The ruins are part of an ongoing excavation called the Archaeological Zone. During the Middle Ages, the area was home to one of Europe’s most important Jewish quarters. Archeologists are excavating the remains of a temple, ritual bath (mikvah) and several other buildings that were a part of the quarter. When work is complete, the sites will be incorporated into a Jewish museum.

Also visit the Romano-Germanic Museum at 4 Roncalliplatz, near the cathedral. It’s filled with impressive relics from Cologne’s Roman past and is built on the foundation of an ancient Roman villa. The museum also houses a famous mosaic of the god Dionysius.

On Hohe Strasse and surrounding streets, you can find everything you need from shoes to electronics. Credit: Andreas Möltgen/ KölnTourismus GmbH

Return to present-day Cologne

Shake off ancient Rome and the Middle Ages at the Museum Ludwig, on Heinrich Böll Platz, also adjacent to the cathedral, which houses one of Europe’s largest Picasso collections. The museum’s treasury of contemporary art ranges from pop to abstract to surrealism. There’s an audio guide in English for smartphones and the museum site,, hosts a range of videos about its collections and special exhibitions. Admission is 12 euros.

Go shopping in the Innenstadt

Shopping choices abound on High Street, also known as the Shopping Mile (Einkaufsmeile). If you love to shop, one visit may not be enough. The district runs from Wallrafplatz near the Cologne Cathedral to Schildergasse, and the side streets are filled with stores, too. You can buy just about anything, from clothes to souvenirs, and there is a popular Lego store, too.

One of the largest department stores in Europe, the Galeria Kaufhof, sits at the corner of High Street and Schildergasse. It’s the chain’s flagship store. The 125-year-old building houses 115,000 square feet of shopping.

According to a TripAdvisor reviewer, this store has everything, including a great selection of merchandise, a beer garden, wine bar and grocery store—“You could survive the zombie apocalypse in this place!”

Save some energy for a walk to Globetrotter sporting goods (10 Richmodstrasse). It’s an “experiential” store that boasts a giant pool surrounded by multiple levels of open-air shopping. You may want to jump in and test some snorkel gear or a new kayak.

Apps for Fearless Foreign Travelers

Buy an international plan for your phone with plenty of data and get around Cologne like a native with these popular language and navigation apps.

  • Google Translate app, iTranslate app: If you don’t speak German, download one or both of these. They just keep getting better and more useful. Each offers voice and text translation—speak into the phone and hear the German translation. The Google app allows you to take a picture and get an instant text translation (great for an all-German restaurant menu).
  • DB Navigator app, Citymapper app: Deutsche Bahn’s DB Navigator app will come in handy for booking high-speed ICE trains or even for using city buses. It’s available in English and German and you even can purchase tickets within the app. Also download the highly popular travel and transit assistant Citymapper, which now includes Cologne. Both apps allow you to navigate multiple connections and station platforms, check schedules, find out about delays and alternate routes, and much more.
  • TripAdvisor: Cologne’s major tourist attractions, hotels and eateries have plenty of reviews in TripAdvisor. You’ll never run out of things to do or lose your way with this app on your phone.

More Information

Show information

Where: Koelnmesse Exhibit Complex, Cologne, Germany

When: Tuesday-Friday, May 16-19

Hours: 8 a.m.-7 p.m. (exhibitors); 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (visitors)

More information:

Dress for the weather

Bring a jacket and an umbrella. During the month of May, Cologne generally has 14 days with rain. Daytime temperatures are in the mid-60s F, and at night expect the 40s to mid-50s F.

Get local currency

There are ATMs at the Koelnmesse Exhibit Complex’s North, South and East entrances, operated by Sparkasse KoelnBonn bank. If you need to exchange currency, go to ReiseBank in the Cologne central railway station, Koeln Hauptbahnof (Hbf). It’s a two-minute ride across the Rhine from the Köln Messe/Deutz station, via commuter train.

Learn about the city

In addition to TripAdvisor, take a look at these local publications, with the help of Google Translate, and gather more information on the city, its food, culture and events:

  • The Cologne edition of Germany’s web-only lifestyle publication Prinz. It publishes the food-focused “Top 10 Cologne” site. The top 10 lists begin with Cologne’s best bakeries! Check,
  • If you speak German, pick up a paper copy of the monthly city magazine StadtRevue Cologne. The website provides a real taste of local culture and politics and you’ll find out about special events and newly opened eateries.

A sneak peek at the showroom floor

Atlanta Attachment Co.

362 Industrial Park Drive

Lawrenceville, GA 30062

Phone: 770-963-7369



Contact: Sandra Morrison

Hall 9.1, Stand B059

Products: Business consultant; engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Atlanta Attachment Co. is a recognized sewn products industry leader in automated workstations, labor-saving devices, folders and ergonomic equipment. Founded in 1969, the company has made the policy of “Sudden Service” a way of life in all aspects of its operation. Atlanta Attachment, recently acquired by HSM, prides itself in advanced technology development for our valued customers and future needs of the industry. The facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia, houses more than 200 dedicated employees managing a turnkey operation—engineering concept and design, metal fabrication, equipment manufacturing, electronic assembly, sales, installation, spare parts and technical services.

Bedding Industries of America/Eclipse

1375 Jersey Ave.

North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Phone: 732-628-0800



Contact: Armando Murillo

Hall 11.2, Stand Q07

Products: Licensing opportunities, mattress disposal & scrap recycling, mattress materials/hard goods, mattress tape, ticking

Bedding Industries of America is a U.S.-based mattress manufacturing cooperative featuring two of the nation’s oldest, most well-respected brands dating back to 1866. Our mission is to enhance our licensed factories’ positions in their respective markets in every respect. We offer efficiency expertise, global sourcing of raw materials and equipment, sales and marketing support, and international contract sales/business. Our patented designs separate our products from myriad mattress makers elsewhere.


Deerlijkseweg 22

Waregem, 8790


Phone: 32499170709


Contact: Lien Sinnesael

Hall 11.1, Stands C020 & C030

Products: Knit fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, ticking, top of bed & pillows, woven fabrics

BekaertDeslee provides stylish, tactile and smart mattress textiles that comfort, protect and inspire your dreams. We are passionate about sleep and creating smart sleep surfaces. We pride ourselves on our expertise in various knitted and woven fabrics. This allows us to deliver mattress fabrics and covers fitting your specific needs and demands. Performance, combined with an attractive look and feel, are what matters most to us. A performance mattress is comfortable, even after being used for a long time, and the packaging of the mattress is as important as its performance. Consumers select which mattress they’ll buy with their hands and eyes.

Boyteks Tekstil San. ve Tic. AS

1 OSB 8. Cad. No: 60


38070 Kayseri


Phone: 90-352-322-05-88



Contact: Aydin

Hall 11.2, Stand K030

Products: Knit fabrics, nonwoven
fabrics, ticking, woven fabrics

Boyteks Tekstil San. ve Tic. AS is one of the most important manufacturing and exporting companies in Turkey. The company, which considers design, innovation and quality its focus, produces mattress ticking, upholstery fabric, rugs and carpet. Boyteks is one of the world’s largest textile brands and can be found in more than 100 countries in every field of life. With investments in the Turkish cities of Bursa and Kayseri, the company diversifies and develops products in its ever-growing facilities.

CT Nassau

1504 Anthony Road

Burlington, NC 27215

Phone: 336-570-0091



Contact: Eric Delaby

Hall 11.1, Stands A010 & B011

Products: Knit fabrics, mattress tape, ticking, woven fabrics

CT Nassau is your one source for mattress fabrics, tape and borders. We offer color-coordinated solutions to satisfy your customers’ requirements for mattresses that define your brand in today’s competitive market. CT Nassau is your No. 1 innovator when it comes to mattress components—knit fabrics, high-end woven damask, upholstery-like woven borders, engineered borders and tape. We are leading the way in developing on-trend decorative tapes and fabrics combined with performance yarns and finishes featuring advanced solutions that offer health and wellness benefits for a better night’s rest. We are your one-stop shop.

Foshan Chamay Mattress Ticking Manufacture Co. Ltd.

256, Highway 325, Longjiang Town Shunde District



Phone: 86-757-23222218



Contact: Cici Luo

Hall 11.2, Stand Q039

Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics

Foshan Chamay Mattress Ticking Manufacture Co. Ltd. is a professional in the manufacture of mattress fabric. We specialize in the design, development, production and sales of mattress fabrics. Our main products include tricot, satin, brushed, pongee and knitted mattress fabrics. We export products to many countries in North America, South America and the Middle East. We are committed to providing you the best quality and service. Please visit our booth in the ISPA Bedding Centre (Hall 11.2, Stand Q039).

Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global)

Hongzing Village, Guanyao


528237 Guangdong


Phone: 86-757-85806388



Contact: Himy Lee

Hall 11.2, Stand P036

Products: Nonwoven fabrics

Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global), a professional and comprehensive bedding company, has been providing nonwoven fabrics, mattress innersprings and finished mattresses for more than 10 years. State-of-the-art equipment and sufficient capacity ensure our customers all over the world can always get the best value and best-priced products. Join us in the ISPA Bedding Centre (Hall 11.2, Stand P036).

Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co. Ltd.

Yuantian Industrial Park

Lishui Town, Nanhai District


528244 Guangdong


Phone: 86-757-85686315/85686313



Contact: Pauline Fu

Hall 11.2, Stand P038

Products: Engineering services/consultants, machinery & fixtures, mattress tape

Established in 1982, Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise producing mattress machinery and spring mattresses. Our factory offers the most complete catalog of mattress machinery across China and even globally. Our products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. We’re considered a market leader. Our customers and product innovation are at the core of what we do, always. Visit us at the ISPA Bedding Centre (Hall 11.2, Stand P038).

Galkin Automated Products

131 Zapletal Way

Carthage, MO 64836

Phone: 417-237-6254



Contact: Mike Miller

Hall 9, Stand C020

Products: Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools; thread

Galkin Automated Products has been providing labor-reducing sewing equipment for more than 100 years. Innovation and ingenuity have lead Galkin to create a successful line of automated systems to increase mattress production while decreasing operator effort. Galkin manufactures most mattress factory sewing equipment, such as binders, flangers, tape-edge machines and more. The unique designs of Galkin equipment provide Global Systems Group customers even more options and flexibility to build their product profitably.

Gateway Systems

3 Northgate Terrace, Newark

Nottinghamshire NG24 2EU

United Kingdom

Phone: 44-1636-676194



Contact: David Elsdon

Hall 9, Stand C020

Products: Engineering services/consultants, machinery & fixtures, thread

Gateway Systems, based in the United Kingdom, is a branch of Global Systems Group (itself a part of Leggett & Platt Inc.) Specializing in mattress-making solutions for more than 50 years, Gateway Systems offers compression tufting machines, handle systems, sergers, automated tape-edge machines, glue line equipment, panel cutters/slitting machines and border measure/cut machines. Gateway’s Mattress Master Elite is the latest generation of automated tape-edge machines. See the new panel-cutting system and robotic pick-and-place system in action at Interzum Cologne.

Global Systems Group

131 Zapletal Way

Carthage, MO 64836

Phone: 417-237-6254



Contact: Mike Miller

Hall 9, Stand C020

Products: Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools; thread

Global Systems Group, a division of Leggett & Platt Inc., offers all the machinery required to assemble mattresses, box springs and other bedding related products. The industry’s leading machinery manufacturers—Galkin, Gateway Systems, Gribetz International, Porter International and Spuhl-Anderson—have been gathered into a single resource for the convenience of the mattress producer. With more than 100 GSG machinery choices, bedding companies can confidently select the right equipment for their needs. More than 20 worldwide locations. More than 100 machine models. More than 200 years of collective company histories. Thousands of machines at work in the field. All represented by one company: Global Systems Group.

Gribetz International

13800 N.W. Fourth St.

Sunrise, FL 33325

Phone: 417-237-6254



Contact: Mike Miller

Hall 9, Stand 020

Products: Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools; thread

Gribetz International is the world’s leading manufacturer of quilting machines and other equipment related to the bedding, home textile and apparel industries. Gribetz offers a complete range of products designed to modernize and automate the handling, sewing, quilting and cutting processes. Gribetz has been an innovator in the mattress industry for more than 70 years and offers the most complete lineup of quilting machines around the world. Revolutionary quilting patterns and processes have been shaped by technology developed at Gribetz. Gribetz equipment improves manufacturing capabilities from mattress quilting to packaging.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Meixin Decorative Fabric Plant

Fangjia Industrial Zone, Yiqiao Town Xiaoshan District


311256 Zhejiang


Phone: 86-571-82218388



Contact: Zhu Yuejun/Hans Han

Hall 11.2, Stand P048

Products: Knit fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, woven fabrics

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Meixin Decorative Fabric Plant, a professional mattress fabric enterprise integrating fabric development, manufacturing and sales, was established in 1991. Our company has the most cutting-edge facilities, with annual production of 65 million meters. We specialize in circular knitted mattress fabrics, high-quality jacquard woven mattress fabrics, mesh fabrics and home textile fabrics.

Henkel Corp.

10 Finderne Ave.

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Phone: 616-450-6185



Contact: Tim Brown

Hall 11.2, Stand Q038

Products: Adhesives

Henkel, the global leader in adhesive technologies, offers a portfolio of options to meet your bonding requirements. From high performance Technomelt hot-melt adhesives to Aquence water-based bonding solutions, Henkel creates advantages for our partners in the sleep products industry. Visit us at Interzum Cologne (Hall 11.2, Stand Q038) to discuss the most recent developments in our Technomelt portfolio of high-performance hot-melt products specifically tailored for mattress and foam bonding applications.

Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd.

P.O. Box 14

Seethawaka Industrial Park Block E4


Sri Lanka

Phone: 94-772632567



Contact: Mithra Weerasinghe

Hall 11.2, Stand Q040

Products: Latex foam

Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd. is the world’s first and only manufacturer of carbon-neutral 100% natural and GOLS-certified organic latex foam mattress cores, toppers and pillows, which are made at its certified production facility (ISO 14001-2004, 9001-2008, 50001-2011) in Sri Lanka. We have 65 years of combined hands-on technical experience in rubber technology and manufacture. Latex Green has access to the finest quality natural latex through its strategic plantation partner and other quality plantations in Sri Lanka to ensure consistent, top-quality products. All our products conform to the world’s most demanding standards, including LGA and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Product Class 1).

Latexco LLC

975 Gerrard Road

Lavonia, GA 30553

Phone: 706-356-8001



Contact: Kevin Callinan

Hall 11.1, Stands E010 & F019

Products: Latex foam, polyurethane foam, top of bed & pillows

Latexco LLC creates innovative bedding solutions focused on mattress comfort layers made with the highest quality latex foam and unique poly FOMS. Latexco is a family business that has developed latex and technical polyurethane foams for the bedding industry for 60 years. We employ more than 600 people worldwide with U.S. facilities in California and Georgia. Our entrepreneurial spirit from the early days has never disappeared. Latexco U.S. has developed a group of high-quality natural fortified latex and FOM products for the North American and South American mattress markets that are very impressive. Visit our exhibit (Hall 11.1, Stands E010 & F019) to review.

Metal Matris San. Tic. AS

OSB. 37. Cad. No: 6


38070 Kayseri


Phone: 90-352-322-04-05



Hall 10.1, Stand 039

Products: Mattress materials/hard goods, nonwoven fabrics

Metal Matris San. Tic. AS started in 2004 as a part of Hascelik Group Companies. Our firm sustains its leadership position by harnessing years of experience within the group and the capacity for high-volume production of steel wire for pocket springs and Bonnell springs. With its dynamic structure, our firm fosters a renewing and growing production department that uses the latest technology. We are the first choice of customers in Turkey and abroad. Our main vision is to improve your present position through our economies of scale without any concession to quality.

Ningbo New Haiyan Belt Industry Co. Ltd.

272 Wuxiang West Road, Yinzhou


315111 Zhejiang


Phone: 86-574-88163749



Contact: Flora

Hall 11.2, Stand Q045

Products: Accessories, labels, mattress tape

Ningbo New Haiyan Belt Industry Co. Ltd. (formerly Ningbo Haiyan Belt Industry Co. Ltd.) was established in 1985 and has more than a 20-year history in the belt weaving industry. Our company now is a large export and import company and manufacturer. Our company professionally provides customers, on a credit basis, with all types of mattress tapes. Our products are distributed to countries on the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. We actively develop both domestic and overseas markets with a belief in “Quality First, Reputation First and Service First.” We hope to work with you to develop together.

Porter International

131 Zapletal Way

Carthage, MO 64836

Phone: 417-237-6254



Contact: Mike Miller

Hall 9, Stand C020

Products: Engineering services &
consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools; thread

Porter International, a member of Global Systems Group (itself a division of Leggett & Platt Inc.), builds, sells and services sewing machines for the bedding and home textile industries. Specializing in sewing room operations, Porter is the industry leader with more than 65 years of experience. Porter supplies the bedding industry with superior machines for flanging panels, border systems and multitasking assembly systems, like the GPT-1100AP Ruffler. We fulfill our commitment to the modern factory through new product research, advanced technology developments, ergonomic designs, and new ways to streamline the flow of goods through automation.

Radium (Vita Talalay)

Fort Willemweg 61

6219 PA Maastricht


Phone: 31-43-328-8788



Contact: Ila Farshad

Hall 11.1, Stands E024 & F029

Products: Latex foam, mattress tape, top of bed & pillows

Radium’s Vita Talalay latex plays an essential role in your healthy sleep experience. Vita Talalay is the best-ventilating comfort material in the world, thanks to its unique round, open cellular structure. This ensures your mattress removes moisture and heat away from the body, helping you sleep better, healthier and more hygienically. In addition, natural Vita Talalay contains no petrochemical materials or artificial additives. It is soft yet supportive and offers a superior elasticity that adapts completely to your body. Vita Talalay provides the most natural, healthy and unrivaled sleep experience. Vita Talalay: Sleep Healthy.

Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. (Arpico)

No. 310 High Level Road

Navinna, Maharagama 10280

Sri Lanka

Phone: 94-11-4-819-002/3



Contact: Januka Karunasena

Hall 11.2, Stands P040 & Q041

Products: Latex foam, mattress materials/hard goods, mattress tape

Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of 100% natural and organic latex mattresses, toppers, continuous sheets and pillows. Better known as Arpico, the company sources latex from its own plantations and produces the finest quality natural foam products that hold the certifications of ECO, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOLS, LGA, STORK, ABC and SATRA.

SABA North America LLC

2237 Wadhams Road

Kimball, MI 48074

Phone: 810-824-4964



Contact: Jim Turner

Hall 10.1, Stand A071

Products: Adhesives

SABA is the world’s leading supplier of water-based adhesives for the foam bonding industry. Our integrated approach consists of adhesives, application equipment, implementation and consultancy to deliver efficiency, safety and the highest quality bonding processes to our customers. Innovation is at the heart of all SABA does. SABA Produce & Pack, our latest development in rollable adhesives, allows our customer to immediately roll pack mattresses—without the need for adhesive dry time—via a controlled process. SABA Zero Overspray is the new standard for excellence when it comes to sprayable application. Delivering a cleaner and safer working environment, along with unmatched bonding performance, makes SABA Zero Overspray a true game changer.

Savare Specialty Adhesives

1201 S. Houk Road

Delaware, OH 43015

Phone: 614-255-2648



Contact: Paolo Campitelli

Hall 10.1, Stand B068

Products: Adhesives

Savare hot-melt specialty adhesives meet every different process, material and performance requirement, including difficult substrates, automatic processes and noiseless applications. Savare formulations allow our customers to achieve an uncompromised and consistent quality with very low adhesive amounts. Savare’s strategy is to partner with customers and co-suppliers to develop specific products any time a new technical challenge arises. Historically, mattress manufacturers have been forced to adapt their process and materials to available glues. Savare has changed this old model by developing the right adhesive for the specific need, enabling the customers to build the mattress they want, the way they prefer.


15 Lincoln St.

Hawthorne, NJ 07506

Phone: 973-423-9266



Contact: Harry Bajakian

Hall. 10.1, Stands E078 & F079

Products: Adhesives, chemicals, latex foam, polyurethane foam

Simalfa’s innovation leadership continues with the introduction of KulKote Temperature Regulating Technology. KulKote is a water-based coating that can be applied to foams and fabrics to regulate body temperature. Apply in any quantity to meet any price-point goal. Give your company an advantage in the marketplace. Be competitive, reduce research-and-development costs, and grow your margins. Simalfa has been providing the mattress industry with cutting-edge water-based adhesive technology for more than 25 years. Our knowledge has been acquired by investing countless hours in mattress manufacturing plants, learning the specific needs for each process. Simalfa + KulKote: Simply the best!

Simmons Knife & Saw

400 Regency Drive

Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Phone: 630-912-2880



Contact: Morgan Coghill

Hall 9.1, Stand B002

Products: Accessories; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Simmons Knife & Saw, a recognized worldwide manufacturer of knife blades for the fabrication of foam, specializes in customized cutting solutions and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Exceptional customer service and innovation in design and product development have become Simmons’ trademarks as the company continues to meet constantly changing user demands. The company manufactures knives, as well as V-tooth and scallop blades 3 millimeters to 100 millimeters wide, which help reduce dust and finish a cut without visible lines or markings. Blades are available welded, cut to length or coiled. Other edge types requiring special tooth configurations, holes or slots also are available.

Springform Technology Ltd.

Highfield Mills, Canal Street

Long Eaton

Nottingham NG10 4NL

United Kingdom

Phone: 44-115-946-7346



Contact: Ian Whitworth

Hall 9.1, Stand D050

Products: Adhesives; engineering
services & consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Springform Technology Ltd. uses traditional British and state-of-the-art motion control systems to produce super-fast, highly versatile, fully integrated pocket coil production equipment. For 20 years, we have been designing and making pocket coil machinery, which has sold around the world, but until recently we have been bound by an exclusivity agreement in the United States. We believe that our equipment is the ideal choice for a U.S. bedding company that realizes the importance of having control of its  own innerspring design and supply chain for a cost-effective solution and a faster response to changes in market demand.

Sunds Textiles A/S

Navervej 3-5

7451 Sunds


Phone: 45-97141322



Contact: Steffen Roemer

Hall 11.1, Stands B010 & C011

Products: Knit fabrics, FR components, ticking, top of bed & pillows

We are specialists in stretch mattress ticking and covers. Knitted mattress ticking is our main product, but we also have made it a key competence to offer added value and service to the product, in the sense that we offer in-house quilting, cutting and sewing of your customized mattress cover or pillow. Customers from North America and across Europe to Russia rely on us to produce “the face” of their mattresses. Our know-how and expertise, which originally were acquired in Denmark, have been fully incorporated into our production facilities in Ukraine. We remain as dedicated to service and quality as always.

Upaco Adhesives

4105 Castlewood Road

Richmond, VA 23234

Phone: 804-357-6100



Contact: Steven Adams

Hall 11.2, Stand Q049

Products: Adhesives

The foam-fabricating adhesives group of Upaco Adhesives manufactures spray and roll-coat applied water-based and hot-melt adhesives used to bond all types of foam for mattress manufacturing. We also offer cooling gel coatings that can be sprayed or roll-coat applied to foam surfaces. Visit Hall 11.2, Stand Q049 to see SprayClean, an innovative no-overspray, fog-free adhesive and adhesive delivery system.

Wright Global Graphics

5115 Prospect St.

Thomasville, NC 27360

Phone: 336-472-4200



Contact: Vicki Fishman

Hall 11.2, Stand Q036

Products: Accessories, labels, top of bed & pillows

With fresh, creative design concepts, state-of-the-art production and a worldwide distribution network, Wright Global Graphics has the passion and experience to help you meet your marketing and branding needs. We design, create and produce labels, mattress accessories, showroom solutions (for both retail and market installations), top-of-bed POP, retail fixtures and large-format graphics—all designed to help your products sell. Employing more than 200 people across four U.S. locations, plus our production facility in China, we deliver on our promise of exceptional value and accurate delivery, regardless of your product’s final destination.

Zhulian International Group Co. Ltd.

No. 988 Datong Road, Zhabei District

20070 Shanghai


Phone: 86-21-66583678



Contact: Nancy Chen

Hall 11.2, Stand Q047

Products: Latex foam, mattress materials/hard goods, mattress tape

Zhulian International Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002. It’s the leading latex foam manufacturer in the global market. We are a modem enterprise with a complete team and services, including design, research and development, production and sales. We offer both Talalay and Dunlop-process latex with a high-speed production line that can manufacture 30,000 pillows and 8,000 mattresses per day. We sincerely hope to work with you for our common development and a brilliant future.

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