Restonic Sleep Survey Reveals Negative Effect of Screen Time

Use of electronic devices at bedtime and lack of exercise are having a big impact on how people sleep—or don’t, according to a 2017 sleep survey conducted by licensing group Restonic Mattress Corp., based in Buffalo, New York.

restonic sleep survey
Buffalo, New York-based licensing group Restonic Mattress Corp. is sharing the results of its 2017 sleep survey on its SleepBlog.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 consumers of all ages (80% were female) and focused on their attitudes toward sleep.

Only 14% of respondents reported getting enough sleep regularly, citing the use of electronics as the biggest sleep thief in their life. Less than 10% of those who use electronics in bed get adequate sleep. Those who limit their use of mobile devices in bed were twice as likely to report that they regularly slept well.

“This survey is noteworthy and unique from our other research in that we targeted consumers through digital media to get a better understanding of how people who are actively engaged online feel about their sleep patterns and overall sleep health,” said Ron Passaglia, president and chief executive officer of Restonic. “Sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy life and while awareness is growing about how critical a restful night of sleep is, most people are still not getting enough. We hope the findings of our survey help put a spotlight on those key lifestyle issues that are preventing people from getting a better night’s rest.”

The survey findings also revealed a clear connection between lack of exercise and sleep quality. Almost 50% of respondents had a sedentary lifestyle and just 11% in this group report that they get enough sleep. Further, exercise type impacts sleep. Those who exercise vigorously (running, CrossFit workouts) were twice as likely to sleep well as those who engage in low-impact, less strenuous activities.

“To help communicate the findings of this study, we’ve launched a media outreach campaign with both traditional media and online outlets, including influential bloggers,” said Julia Rosien, brand director for Restonic. “As well, we’ll be sharing more in-depth findings of the study on our SleepBlog.”

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