Why Sleeping is Allowed at Schools

Most teens don’t get enough sleep. To combat this problem, high schools in New Mexico are bringing naptime back.

sleep deprived childThese schools have nap pods, which enable students to catch up on their sleep between classes, according to an article in Good Housekeeping. The first pod was purchased in 2008 and more were added in 2011 thanks to state mental health grants.

“It really was beneficial, educationally, to put them in the pod for 20 minutes and send them back to class, rather than have them miss half a day,” Sandy Peugh, a school nurse in the district, told the Santa Fe New Mexican. “And it wasn’t just kids who had sleep issues. It worked on kids who had anxiety—extremely gifted kids who might have test anxiety. Teachers came in, stressed out, and we’d put them in the pod.”

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