How To Punch Up Your News Releases With Quotes

News releases are a good way to get across basic information—the what, when, where and who. But to make it engaging, add the why. Why is this information important? Why should the reader care?

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A good way to communicate the why is to quote a spokesperson. It can add life and humanity to an otherwise straightforward information exchange.

The “PR News Writers Guidebook” provides the following tips for writing and editing quotes:

  1. Be conversational. The quote should sound as if it were spoken, not written.
  2. Be memorable. Create a picture in the reader’s mind.
  3. Offer insights and perspectives but avoid hype.
  4. Use everyday words. Avoid jargon or technical terms that have to be defined.
  5. Find the “just right” length. Don’t say too much but make sure to say enough to offer a complete thought.
  6. Add detail. The news releases themself will communicate basic information. A quote should go beyond that information.
  7. Keep attribution simple. A “said” or “says” will do nicely. There’s no need to use words like “stated” or “commented.”
  8. Watch your tenses. For events that already have happened, use past tense. Use present tense when expressing more timeless ideas.

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