Restonic survey campaign includes blogs, bed giveaway

Licensing group Restonic Mattress Corp., based in Buffalo, New York, is using digital media to share findings from its 2017 national consumer sleep survey.

Restonic HimorHer
The 2017 sleep survey from Buffalo, New York-based Restonic Mattress Corp. answers questions about sleep.

The survey has generated more than 135 million earned media impressions nationally and is being further promoted with a mattress giveaway on Restonic’s Sleep blog.

Restonic launched the research project in March, tapping into its social media communities that consist of more than 70,000 consumers from around the United States and world. Details of the research were published on online news sources such as MarketWatch and the New York Post.

“Our consumer-focused goals allow us to create content that’s supported by research, which then serves as the foundation for our retail digital publishing program,” said Ron Passaglia, president and chief executive officer. “Today’s consumers have invited brands to become part of their lives by joining in their online sleep conversations, and we believe those conversations will lead to great brand awareness—for Restonic and our retailers.”

To further boost awareness of the sleep survey, Restonic is hosting a mattress giveaway and has posted three blogs on its Sleep blog. Each post addresses a different issue highlighted in the survey and offers suggestions consumers can use to get a better night’s sleep.

“We believe the strongest, most effective digital strategy is a cocktail of earned, owned and paid media,” said Julia Rosien, brand director. “Thanks to the popularity of social media and blogging in general, we have an opportunity to build trust and drive traffic long before consumers formally enter the sales cycle. And since we know it can take hundreds of mentions to gain brand recognition in a consumer’s mind, leveraging earned media can be a powerful marketing tool.”

The Restonic sleep survey polled more than 1,000 people on their sleep habits.

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