Amelco equipment packs more springs with new paper

Machinery and components supplier Amelco Industries Ltd., with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, now is using a stronger specialty kraft paper with its innerspring roll-pack machinery.

The paper enables the company, and its roll-pack machinery customers, to pack up to 2,200 compressed and rolled Bonnell innerspring units in a single 20-foot container, according to a news release.

The roll-packing paper is Advantage MF SpringPack Plus, manufactured by Mondi Dynas AB, a paper mill based in Kramfors, Sweden.

“We test our machine prototypes in real working conditions and improve them before we release them to our customers, who asked us to maximize the number of spring units packed in each roll,” said Costas Georgallis, Amelco principal. “Together with Mondi’s speciality kraft paper experts, we realized that controlling the paper tension was a major factor in achieving a successful result. We therefore had to use the best and strongest spring pack paper on the market. … To us, there is no other packaging material that can match Mondi’s SpringPack Plus grade for roll packing as it is the best suitable material to compress and roll pack the springs in a safe way and without putting them at risk to be damaged.”

Amelco made its first roll-pack machine more than 25 years ago. Its customers are located in countries around the southeast Mediterranean and in the Middle East.

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