FTC targets mattress company Moonlight Slumber for ‘organic’ claims

Juvenile and infant bedding producer Moonlight Slumber, with headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, has settled U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that it misrepresented or could not support several product claims to consumers.

Claims included that some Moonlight Slumber baby mattresses were “organic” or “VOC-free” or contained “plant-based content.” Claims appeared on the company website and on product packaging.

The case is the FTC’s first challenging “organic” product claims, according to a news release.

The complaint also states that the company represented that its mattresses were certified by the Green Safety Shield but failed to disclose that the Green Safety Shield was the company’s own designation, and that it awarded it to its own products.

The proposed order settling the FTC’s charges prohibits the company from making misleading representations regarding whether any mattress, blanket, pillow, pad, foam-containing product or sleep-related product is organic, natural or plant-based; regarding the emissions from such products; or about the general environmental and health benefits of such products. It also requires the company to have competent and reliable evidence, including scientific proof when appropriate, to support any claims in these areas.