Kit and quilt suppliers adapt to changing times

Kit and quilt suppliers adapt to changing times

BY BARBARA NELLES At one time, mattress kit and quilt suppliers offered bedding producers a rather basic product mix—mattress kits containing quilted panels, a quilted border and a foundation cover; quilt rolls; and other presewn mattress components. Their business was largely regional, supplying smaller mattress makers who didn’t have the means to invest in quilting […]

The changing consumer: Catch me if you can

By Barbara Nelles Today’s consumers are overstressed and overworked; they are moving targets dealing with too much choice in too little time. In search of small rewards and ego boosts, consumers are shopping all “channels”—from Internet to bricks–and–mortar store to catalog—and sometimes are paralyzed by indecision. Often, a purchase is not just a purchase, consumer […]

New Media Marketing

By Barbara Nelles Where to invest those precious marketing dollars in a smorgasbord-y age of technological innovation and electronic communication? BedTimes spoke with mattress manufacturers about their ongoing search for the best marketing mix in an age of limitless advertising avenues but limited consumer attention spans. And mix it is, with makers choosing a little […]

Pillow talk: Consumer interest in foam pillows grows

by Barbara Nelles As anyone who has yanked a favorite pillow from beneath a sleeping spouse’s head or awakened with a pounding headache from a rough night on a thin hotel pillow can tell you, a good pillow—in conjunction with a good mattress—is vital to restful sleep. “Bedding consumers are focusing more on the therapeutic […]

Springs and foam mingle in today’s beds

By Barbara Nelles There is a potent cocktail found in the taverns of New Orleans. Bartenders gently pour first Kahlua, then cognac and, finally, heavy cream into an old–fashioned glass. The result is a tri-level libation whose flavors mingle deliciously on the tongue. That drink, called the Separator, is an apt metaphor for the way […]

California moves ahead on open-flame standards for bedclothes

By Barbara Nelles As mattress flammability standards go into effect in California, regulators in that state and at the national level are moving forward with rules for bedclothes. California’s Assembly Bill 603, which mandated the open–flame standards for bed sets, required the California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation to research flammability standards for […]

Mattress flammability regulations update

by Matt Bolch Anything can happen in a presidential election year, and that’s why the International Sleep Products Association continues to monitor proposed federal flammability legislation closely. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and expects to propose an open–flame ignition standard for mattresses this fall. ISPA has […]

‘Cover’ Story: Trends in the mattress fabric industry

Whether you call it by its old–fashioned term (ticking) or by one of its more contemporary monikers (mattress fabric or mattress cover), the covering over a mattress has never been more important in the bedding industry. It’s the make–or–break first impression for most consumers who are shopping for mattresses, it’s what they feel first when […]

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