Protect-A-Bed releases pillow product line, partners with TGen in technology study

News release written by Protect-A-Be and published, unedited, by BedTimes.

Protect-A-Bed Bids to Own the Premium Pillow Business with Massively Expanded Product Line  

Top-of-bed Leader Delivers Unsurpassed Health and Comfort with the Perfect Pillow 

CHICAGO – Protect-A-Bed, the nation’s leader in premium sleep accessories, is proud to announce the largest selection of pillow models in market history. 

The product line expansion, which encompasses 43 new pillow variations, is aimed to provide the perfect pillow for every sleeper, regardless of body type, pain points, and personal comfort preferences.  

“Consumers often go to great lengths to select a mattress that best provides support, firmness, and comfort, then use whatever pillow they happen to have,” said Warrick Bell, VP of Product Development at Protect-A-Bed. “Ideal sleep and satisfaction cannot come from a mattress alone, it’s time for sleepers to have a true choice when it comes to pillows.” 

Protect-A-Bed pillows-and-people-alternate choice

“To really get the most out of a bed, it has to be thought of as a complete system,” added John Rachid, Protect-A-Bed President. “A bed is only effective if the pillow, mattress and bedding work together to achieve the correct support and spinal alignment. By offering a full range of pillow models, we are able to deliver the perfect combination for practically anyone, complement any quality mattress, and help provide pain-free sleep.” 

Bell explained that while over 40 pillow choices could be daunting to a consumer, the pillow line expansion actually simplifies choices by leveraging Protect-A-Bed’s interactive point of sales tool: SleepTailor. 

Introduced in summer of 2017, SleepTailor takes an image of a bedding shopper, and then guides the shopper through a series of questions that cover dimensions, personal preferences, and other important details. In real time, SleepTailor then combines multiple data points using a proprietary algorithm and biomechanics model to recommend pillows that are tailored specifically to each user for proper alignment and preferences. 

“Thanks to SleepTailor, a shopper can feel confident he or she is choosing the right pillow,” James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed said. “They don’t have to think about variables like height, density, and position. It truly removes the guesswork.” 

Following is an overview of Protect-A-Bed’s expanded pillow line: 

  • 43 new pillow models 
  • Five fill variations 
  • Classic, Memory Foam, Memory Foam Clusters, Classic Hybrid (innerspring), Memory Foam Hybrid (innerspring) 
  • Each fill is available in three firmness levels 
  • Three high-tech outer fabric line options 
  • Snow – Nordic Chill fiber for superior cooling 
  • Crystal – Blend of Nordic Chill and Tencel® fabrics for cooling and moisture wicking properties 
  • REM-Fit – A combination of Re-Ax Unleashed and Nordic Chill provide cooling, flexibility and moisture control benefits 
  • Full integration into SleepTailor 
  • Provides effortless, interactive pillow selection 
  • Ensures proper alignment and support 
  • Drives excitement and engagement on the sales floor 

REM-Fit Brand Stores 

The Protect-A-Bed showroom located in B-900 of Las Vegas Market Center, will also feature REM-Fit products and displays including a line of REM-Fit mattresses, newly debuted ZEEQ Smart Pillows and the rapidly growing REM-Fit Brand stores. These brand stores are designed to boost incremental mattress sales by offering a proven alternative bed-in-a-box program to retailers. With innovative displays, award winning product and an industry-first web commission program, REM-Fit brings innovation to the sales floor. 

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Protect-A-Bed and REM-Fit showroom to learn more about how to increase performance by Growing the Retail Basket. 

About Protect-A-Bed:  

Protect-A-Bed is the global leader in mattress protection and through continuous innovation has become the bedding industry leader in sleep technology. First to develop air-vapor-porous mattress protection, Protect-A-Bed has driven innovation throughout the mattress protection category and continues to drive development throughout the top-of-bed industry. 

Today, Protect-A-Bed offers a complete line of top-of-bed products, from mattress protection to encasements, pillows, mattresses and sleep technology.  

Protect-A-Bed products are available online and through select retailers. Learn more at 

REM-Fit® Partners with TGen in technology driven study 

ZEEQ Smart Pillow set to aid researchers in understanding the science behind sleep

CHICAGO – REM-Fit, the Chicago-based sleep technology and bedding company, announces a partnership with leading neuroscientists at the non-profit Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Phoenix, Arizona, to merge DNA analysis with sleep quantitation driven by data from REM-Fit’s ZEEQ Smart Pillow.  

“The ZEEQ Smart Pillow offers a unique opportunity for us to characterize a person’s sleep patterns in a very low impact way. Measuring the parameters of sleep in a person’s own bed and across many months greatly increases our ability to accurately assess that individual’s sleep style,” said Dr. Matt Huentelman, a Professor in TGen’s Neurogenomics division. “Combining this in-depth individual sleep data with information about that same person’s genetic code is an exciting way to efficiently study the factors that may affect sleep in the general population. We are thrilled to have REM-Fit as our first partner in the sleep industry and to offer ZEEQ users the opportunity to seamlessly participate in scientific research that could potentially uncover new information about sleep.”  

The partnership between REM-Fit and TGen offers ZEEQ Smart Pillow users an easy way to share their anonymous sleep data with the simple click of an opt-in option in the ZEEQ app. A good night’s sleep is important. Research has shown the average adult requires seven or more hours of sleep to feel rested. Optimal sleep also plays a role in the bodies control of weight, overall physical health, and mental acuity. 

The data collected through the app will enable researchers to identify those individuals who sleep less than six hours each night. For less than three percent of the population, known as natural short sleepers, this is normal. For the average adult, however, follow-up DNA analysis would separate the short sleepers from those who simply lack sleep and — hopefully — identify why.   

“The science of sleep and relation of genetics to it is a largely unexplored topic and one we feel provides an opportunity for ZEEQ users to advance the science of sleep through a unique, first-of-its-kind collaboration,” said Warrick Bell, Vice President of Product at REM-Fit. “Of course, we are pleased that TGen believes ZEEQ can add value at the research bench as well.” 

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow provides sleep-tracking data through both physical and auditory sensors; it enhances sleep through streaming music to built-in speakers, helps eliminate snoring with its integrated Snore Alarm, and connects to other smart devices through connected services like IFTTT and Amazon Alexa. Learn more and order your own ZEEQ at 

About TGen 

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a Phoenix, Arizona-based non-profit organization dedicated to conducting groundbreaking research with life changing results. TGen is focused on helping patients with neurological disorders, cancer, diabetes, and infectious diseases, through cutting edge translational research (the process of rapidly moving research towards patient benefit).  TGen physicians and scientists work to unravel the genetic components of both common and rare complex diseases in adults and children. Working with collaborators in the scientific and medical communities literally worldwide, TGen makes a substantial contribution to help our patients through efficiency and effectiveness of the translational process. TGen is affiliated with City of Hope, a world-renowned independent research and cancer and diabetes treatment center: This precision medicine affiliation enables both institutes to complement each other in research and patient care, with City of Hope providing a significant clinical setting to advance scientific discoveries made by TGen. For more information, visit: Follow TGen on  Facebook,  LinkedIn  and  Twitter @TGen. 


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