New Beautyrest ad campaign is wake-up call

On May 14, the Beautyrest brand, part of Atlanta-based Serta Simmons Bedding LLC, officially launched “Be More Awake.” It’s a colorful multimedia ad campaign that includes national TV spots, special events, social media and digital-only content, as well as a sleep research.

beautyrest ad campaign

MAKING A SPLASH Serta Simmons Bedding LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, offered Winter Las Vegas Market attendees this very large glimpse at its upcoming ‘Be More Awake’ advertising campaign.

The aim is to show how people have become accustomed to feeling sleep deprived and then to demonstrate, “through visceral elements and bold imagery,” the value of a premium mattress in making you “more present, energized and focused” throughout the day, a news release said.

“The ‘Be More Awake’ campaign reminds consumers that in order to reach their full personal potential, they need a mattress with advanced technology and one that fits their individual needs,” said Warren Kornblum, SSB chief marketing officer. “The Beautyrest brand, along with our retail partners, is uniquely positioned to guide consumers through the purchase journey to find their own best mattress. We don’t believe that one mattress design fits all people. Ultimate restorative sleep can only be achieved by sleeping on the perfect mattress for you and that is likely not the same one that’s perfect for me. It’s time to talk about the elements that make up an exceptional sleep experience rather than one size fits all.”

As part of the campaign’s launch, the Beautyrest brand sponsored three live performances of German composer Max Richter’s new eight-hour concert “Sleep.” Two performances were held in May at Spring Studios in New York and one in March at the SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Audience members reclined and slept during the performances on Beautyrest mattresses. Following the concerts, SSB donated all of the bedding to area charities.

To promote its efforts, SSB also has enlisted the help of Rebecca Robbins, a sleep research and postdoctoral fellow at New York University’s Center for Healthful Behavior Change.

“My personal career mission is to promote awareness about the link between our sleep and waking success—in all aspects of life,” Robbins said. “Studies show that optimal sleep has a plethora of benefits, including increased productivity and resilience during the day, an ability to retain more information and much more, which is why the story Beautyrest is telling about being more awake is so important.”

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