No More Sick Days?

Several years ago, when employees came down with the flu, they took sick days to rest and recuperate.

These days, the technology that makes working from home possible for those with administrative, sales or executive jobs also is making it more difficult to simply lie in bed and recover, according to a Jan. 10 New York Times article written by Steven Kurutz.

“Even if you take a sick day, you’re still emailing in the morning, checking in later in the day,” said Kit Warchol, the head of content marketing for Skillcrush, an online coding school. “It’s become more of a norm to write to your colleagues and tell them you’re working from home.”

Working from home might sound relaxing, but it still involves checking email, hopping on conference calls or generally being productive, even when feeling unwell, the article said.

Some businesses no longer offer sick days; instead, employees can take personal emergency days, which can be used for caring for sick family members or mental health needs.

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