Spaldin Continues to Lead the Sustainability Race With the Introduction of Möebius

News release – Spaldin®, a pioneer in the use of sustainable and fully certified safe materials, is set to introduce Möebius®, its new Circular Collection, to North America at the upcoming 2022 Las Vegas winter market.

‘Since we introduced in the USA our “greentech” collection back in 2008, pioneer in the use of plant-based foam, we have been offering retailers and consumers, innovative, proven and tested Sleep Solutions that always go a step ahead, says Oscar Valdemoros, President of Spaldin®.

With this new outstanding line designed under the principles of the circular economy, the company takes a step further on the road to sustainability. Its philosophy of a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. This entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system.

Valdemoros went on to explain that mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste; an estimated 20 million mattresses are disposed every year in the USA alone, a vast majority being burned or simply deposited in landfields. Many of today’s mattresses are largely made of foam and glued layers of different materials what makes the complete recycling of mattresses a huge challenge.

Spaldin® has joined efforts with Niaga®, part of the German Covestro group, to develop an alternative mattress manufacturing process that uses a modular design and solely iron and polyester as raw materials. By using only those infinite materials and connecting the mattress layers in a reversible manner, the company ensures that Möebius® mattresses can be made into a new mattress at the end of their life. “We want to make our contribution to unravelling the issue of waste in the world; We know how scarce materials are, we have to stop destroying them, and start recovering them. Where others only see waste, we see valuable materials”.

“Möebius® is the best way we’ve found to be honest with our company and with our conscience”. Thanks to this innovation, being circular without compromising at all the quality and performance of the product and is now possible.  Möebius® is not just a circular mattress, it is an over-performing mattress that is also circular. By the use of exclusively Three-Dimensional polyester layers and polyester-pocketed springs a) It is the best mattress ever in terms of heat and moisture elimination b) allows a perfect spine alignment by sinking deeper into the mattress but enabling at the same time to change positions easily while you sleep without interfering on it,  c) it is fire retardant in itself without the need of use of chemicals or any other barriers, d) it is hypoallergenic and much more hygienic, to what also contributes its removable, washable cover, and d) promotes transparency since the consumer will always know where the raw materials come from and how the mattress will be recycled (what we call the Circularity Passport) by scanning the Niaga® tag on the side of Möebius® mattress with his/her smartphone. “For a consumer point of view, the use of Niaga® label ensures that you can contribute to the planet and sleep with a clear conscience”.

The brand is inspired by the famous mathematician August Möbius who built a bridge to another reality, in which the rules are different from those of our three-dimensional world. His great discovery, known as the “Möbius strip”, is an object that defies common sense and our prejudices about what is intuitive. In addition, the peculiarities of this strange way of visualizing the infinite have been converted into ingenious practical applications, most aimed at achieving more efficient and durable devices. It is not by chance that the global symbol of recycling is based on a Möbius strip.

Furthermore the fabric pattern and cover design,  follows the inspiration of M.C Escher a Dutch artist best known for his iconic optical illusions, impossible constructions defying logic and his prints playing with patterns and symmetry.

“As August Möbius and M.C Escher, Spaldin® works towards redefining the mattress industry, making the impossible possible for us and the generations to come”.

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