Durak Tekstil Predicts Strong Growth in U.S.

After presenting its sewing and embroidery threads portfolioto the global bedding industry at ISPA EXPO 2022, Durak Tekstil expects strong growth in the U.S. market. 

Yiğit Durak, marketing director of the Burma, Turkey-based company, said the United States stands out among its rapidly developing markets. 

“We have once again seen how appropriate our growth targets for the American market are,” Durak said, “and we continue our preparations to increase our initiatives in this regard.”

Aramid threads are a necessity in the U.S. bedding industry due to their high resistance to fire and flammability, according to Durak.

“We are working to make our brand synonymous with sewing and embroidery thread in the American market,” he said.

After seeing the new trends at ISPA EXPO, he noted the transformation of the sleep industry from simply focusing on mattresses to targeting sleep/rest technologies.

“We follow these innovations closely in order to add different functions and value to textile materials,” Durak said. “Our R&D departments have started to work on applying nanotechnology to fabrics and using fusion fabrics, so we will be ready as a reliable partner of the new sleep/rest technology industry.”

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