Milliken Shares Fourth Annual Sustainability Report

Spartanburg, South Carolina-based Milliken & Co. has published its fourth annual Sustainability Report, a key component in the company’s progress toward its 2025 sustainability goals.

In 2019, Milliken laid out 12 sustainability goals, focused on its people, its products and the planet. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, these 12 goals signal the company’s commitment to sustainability.

In 2021, Milliken eliminated coal as a primary fuel after investing $25 million into cogeneration, which combines steam and power generation. The company also increased the diversity of its U.S. management team by 8% and announced that its entire flooring portfolio is carbon neutral.

Milliken’s fourth report details sustainability progress including partnering with groups such as Accelerating Circularity, Polypropylene Coalition, PureCycle Technologies and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste to lend expertise in solving product end-of-life challenges.

“Our shared purpose and our material science expertise make us uniquely Milliken,” said Halsey Cook, president and chief executive officer. “We embrace not only our ability to make a positive impact on the world around us but also our responsibility to build a healthier future for this generation and generations to come.”

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