"Inside the Mind of Today's Mattress Shopper" | MLILY and the International Chiropractors Association

Sleep Savvy Magazine Managing Editor, Waynette Goodson talks with Glenn Kobylarczyck, Executive Vice President of MLily, and Dr. Joe Betz of the International Chiropractors Association about the new ChiroPro Mattresses and bringing a value line to consumers.


Waynette Goodson
It’s Waynette Goodson. I’m your managing editor of BedTimes Magazine. And today, we’re going to take you inside the minds of today’s mattress shoppers with Glenn Kobylarczyck. He is the executive vice president of MLilly. And then also Dr. Joe Betz with the International Chiropractors Association. So, Glenn, let’s ask you first. Just what do today’s mattress consumer, what do they want now that perhaps they did not want two years ago?

Glenn Kobylarczyck
A good question. I believe the consumer is looking for today is more of a value-type setting in mattresses compared to two years ago. There might be a little different economy we’re dealing with now, and money might not be as moving around as much as it was earlier through the Covid years. And now we’re looking for more of a value-type mattress.

And it’s funny you ask because what we have done is we do have a line of mattresses.

Waynette Goodson
Right. But not the only value. There’s another major word in mattresses that I understand. What is that word?

Glenn Kobylarczyck
Innovation. Absolutely. Innovation. That always was in this business. People are looking for something different than the rectangles they see when they go to furniture stores or bed shops. So we try to get something a little bit different, something that stands out. What we’ve encouraged now is health. We’re looking at health and healthy sleep and we have joined with the International Chiropractors Association, which is endorsing our products and helping us, giving you some advice on products and what is good for the body and different types of ailments and different types of mattresses based on those ailments.

And we’ve teamed up with Dr. Joe Betz.

Waynette Goodson
So Dr. Betz, talk with our audience about what the International Chiropractors Association is bringing to the table for MLily just your own expertise.

Dr. Joe Betz
Yeah, absolutely. The International Chiropractors Association has been working in the mattress industry for decades, helping develop better, healthier sleep surfaces for people. And for these decades, we’ve spent not just time looking at the design but also performing hands-on research on sleep surfaces to help produce a better posture and alignment while a person is sleeping.

Waynette Goodson
That’s so key. That back support during sleep. That’s your restorative, renew time that we need so much in our lives.

Glenn Kobylarczyck

Waynette Goodson
So, Glenn, what are you doing today at MLilly to meet those new needs for both wellness and innovation?

Glenn Kobylarczyck
Well, innovation-wise, with the Chiropractors Association working closely with us now, we have developed a lineup of ChiroPro Mattresses. And also, as we said earlier, based on the patient themselves, what they’re looking for, what they need best. I know Joe had mentioned to us that most patients, a lot of them daily, are asking the chiropractors, what do I sleep on?

What type of bed should I use? So they helped us put these beds together and designed them where it’s good for all sizes of people and all different types of ailments that they have managed to support their spine and their back properly.

Waynette Goodson
Right. Very important. Thank you all so much for tuning in to Inside the Mind of Today’s Mattress Shopper. And please, we wish you a great night’s rest.

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