Sleep Number spotlights smart bed at CES 2018

Minneapolis-based Sleep Number Corp., formerly Select Comfort Corp., demonstrated its Sleep Number 360 smart bed’s biometric sleep tracking technology and sleep database at CES 2018 Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas.

Sleep Number spotlights smart bed at CES 2018

The company says the technology eventually may be able to detect heart attacks and sleep apnea.

“We envision a future where higher quality sleep transforms consumers’ health and wellness,” said Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number president and chief executive officer. “Sleep Number’s 360 smart bed’s robust SleepIQ technology platform integrates sleep science, sophisticated biometrics and artificial intelligence to provide consumers with effortless adjustability and tangible improvements to their health.”

Today, the SleepIQ technology platform powers one of the most comprehensive databases of biometric consumer sleep data in the world, the company said in a news release. Each night, SleepIQ technology reads hundreds of measurements per second, tracks hundreds of thousands of sleep sessions, and analyzes more than 4 billion biometric data points, the release said.

In the future, the company said, Sleep Number’s advanced biometric sleep tracking technology may detect irregular breathing or heart beat patterns, such as sleep apnea or a heart attack. It also may alert emergency services; identify the flu or other epidemics as they spread locally and communicate this information to health officials and the public; play a role in monitoring patients outside of a hospital by sharing the related personal data with their doctor to support a diagnosis; or monitor recovery following medical procedures, so patients can recover at home instead of at a medical facility.

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