Toolkit helps employers address workers’ rest

Business in the Community, a British business-community outreach charity, has created a toolkit to tackle sleep deprivation in the workplace.

toolkit sleep work

With contributions from The Sleep Council, the Sleep and Recovery kit gives employers steps they can take to support sleep and provides advice on how they can address the issue with employees. The Sleep Council is the consumer-education arm of the National Bed Federation, a trade association of U.K. bedding manufacturers.

Around 200,000 working days are lost each year due to U.K. employees not getting enough sleep, according to a Sleep Council news release.

“Sleep is still a largely neglected taboo topic for employers, fearing they are crossing the line between work and people’s personal lives by even talking about it with employees,” says Louise Aston, Business in the Community well-being director. “This toolkit is a great resource to help people start talking about this issue.”

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