Eclipse International Licensees Now Making Pure Talalay Bliss Beds

Talalay Global, based in Shelton, Connecticut, has inked a deal with Mattress Development Co. of Delaware LLC dba Eclipse International for the manufacture and distribution of the Pure Talalay Bliss line of mattresses.

According to a news release, 12 Eclipse licensees — 10 in the United States and two in Canada — have commenced production of Talalay Global’s Bliss line. The agreement plans for the expansion of production across all 65 licensees in the global Eclipse International licensing network.

Eclipse International, with headquarters in North Brunswick, New Jersey, is a mattress manufacturer and licensor of four other bed brands in addition to Eclipse — BIA, Eastman House, Ernest Hemingway and Van Vorst. It also manages the manufacturing network for online bed brand Saatva.

“Talalay Bliss is a terrific brand in our portfolio that has not been developed fully over the years because our expertise is in OEM and not retail,” said Marc Navarre, chief executive officer of Talalay Global. “We have been working with Eclipse and its licensees for many years through our Saatva relationship. … This partnership allows us to focus on our OEM relationships and allow those experienced in retail to further develop this brand.”

According to Stuart Carlitz, CEO of Eclipse International: “Our licensees are very excited to get Bliss into their product portfolio. Because of our extensive experience successfully manufacturing and selling luxury products, this is a brand that our group will be able to really develop and grow domestically and internationally.”

Under terms of the deal, Eclipse controls the manufacturing and distribution of Bliss mattresses only. Pillows and toppers are sold directly by Talalay Global.

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