Posh+Lavish Helps Fund Life-Changing Surgeries for Children

Posh+Lavish Kurt Ling with Cure International patient

Posh+Lavish co-founder Kurt Ling enjoys a visit with one of Cure International’s many patients.

Atlanta-based bed brand Posh+Lavish has sent plaques to most of its retailers thanking them for their part in the Atlanta-based company’s charitable giving goals. It has donated 25% of profits each year since its 2015 founding to the nonprofit Cure International. The organization funds surgery for children around the world with conditions such as bowed legs, cleft palate, clubfoot, hydrocephalus and spina bifida. All retailers whose sales helped pay for at least one of these life-altering surgeries received a plaque. 

“We don’t share a specific number, but we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Cure and sent out nearly 100 plaques to retailers,” said Kurt Ling, Posh+Lavish co-founder. “Every operation we fund is ultimately a gift from our dealers and their customers.”

“Our passion for Cure comes from helping kids most in need and helping the greatest number of families,” he said. “(Cure’s) hospitals are in parts of the world where the kinds of doctors, operations and facilities (these children) need are generally unavailable — and if they were, they would be unaffordable to their families.”

Cure International, based in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1996 and operates charitable hospitals and programs in 26 countries. Described on its website as a Christian health care organization, Cure accepts patients regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion. Its hospitals have performed more than 196,000 procedures, more than 119,000 children have been helped.

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