Latexco’s SnoFom Has Unique Properties

Latexco U.S. Holdings LLC, based in Lavonia, Georgia, has launched a polyurethane foam called SnoFom that it says represents its flagship offering and a new category of high-end foam.

Named for its snowy white appearance and softness, SnoFom provides the most airflow of any polyurethane foam in the Latexco U.S. portfolio, the company said in a news release. It added that the foam was designed to follow the natural movement of the body and maintain the same pressure distribution over time, making it ideal for a top comfort layer in high-end mattresses, toppers and pillows.

Latexco SnoFom coolinng breathable polyurethane foam for mattresses
Latexco U.S. Holdings LLC’s new SnoFom features an open-cell structure designed to promote airflow and provide support.

According to the company, SnoFom promotes optimal sleep comfort and quality by balancing the body and mattress microclimate. Latexco said tests have shown that SnoFom has a lower buildup of both heat and humidity, compared with memory foam. It also has performed better in compression and recovery tests, compared with high-resilience foam, which makes it ideal for vacuum packing and roll packing, the company said.

Brent Limer, chief sales officer, said: “SnoFom offers the best comfort and support attributes of both memory foam and high-resilience foam with the highest airflow we have ever seen.”

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